10 Machine Learning Applications Helping Humans With Data Overload

Find out how to manage and extract value from your data with these powerful machine learning applications...

1. Adobe Sensei leverages machine learning in order to optimize the customer experience of Adobe's products. It can automatically polish photos using settings learned from thousands of professionally edited images. It can also help you to find images which are most suitable for the campaign or website you are designing. A useful machine learning application to augment creativity!

2. can manually label data or provide synthetic data in order to allow organisations to start their machine learning modelling journey.

This is valuable because machine learning applications need to be fed examples in order to learn the relationship between your predictions and your input data. For instance, a machine learning model needs to be told what a customer that has churned looks like in order to identify customers at risk of churning in the future.

3. Super Human is an email client powered by machine learning algorithms, designed to augment your productivity and make you superhuman! Essentially, it triages emails and highlights the ones which are most important. As machine learning applications go, this may be one of the most accessible for a wider audience.

4. Oxford Semantic Technologies brings to market high-performing Knowledge Graph technology, which can be used to integrate different types of data which wouldn't normally be compatible for queries. This is done through the creation of an ontology by the user which can be used to integrate multiple views of data. 

Data availability is often the biggest obstacle to machine learning projects, so OST can effectively accelerate various machine learning applications.


5. DiffBlue helps software developers become more productive, using machine learning to automatically write unit tests for their java applications. Since most software developers generate hundreds of lines of code on a daily basis, Diffblue can provide practical help to a huge audience.

6. Tessian uses machine learning to prevent misdirected emails, unauthorised emails and other threats executed by humans.

7. Databricks unifies the data science and engineering across the machine learning lifecycle, from data preparation to experimentation and deployment of machine learning applications.

8. Darktrace is a cyber defence technology which learns the behaviour of devices and users connected to a network in order to identify and stop threats and anomalous behaviour in real-time.

9. Cinnamon is a handy machine learning application that extracts data from unstructured documents such as invoices and financial statements.

10. Mind Foundry Analyze is an easy-to-use platform designed to help business problem owners make predictions and gain actionable insights from their data without needing data scientist training. It also allows data scientists to increase their throughput and delegate certain tasks to business analysts.

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