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Predict the future and enhance your trading decisions with an AI-driven quantitative overlay.

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Build financial forecasts with the world's best time-series forecasting engine


Mind Foundry provides an end-to-end solution for building, analyzing, and assessing predictive forecasting models. With configurations that can scale as you do, Horizon's predictive modelling can be as automated or bespoke as desired.


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 Key Features


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Mind Foundry Horizon - Investment Professionals





Quantamental trading made easy.


Horizon is designed to specifically cater to the complicated workflows required by investors and traders. Horizon’s modeling and forecasting tools help you take any investment strategy to the next level. Our advanced algorithms and intuitive UI can help you enhance your investment process with a quantitative overlay.


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AI Platform for Finance Mind Foundry Horizon

Horizon pipeline features



An intuitive pipeline for every challenge


Horizon is the first product of its kind, making quantitative methods accessible to any trader, no matter their background or training.

Horizon’s pre-configured data pipeline modules and auto-reporting make it the ideal solution for forecasting and signal discovery in trading and investment strategy.



Systematic Portfolio Construction and Assembly

Read the 12 page pdf and see how a profitable trade strategy with an acceptable risk profile can be prototyped using Horizon’s programmatic access by combining commodity data with Mind Foundry Horizon’s predictive models. 


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