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Mind Foundry attends Jersey Fintech Demo Day

  • In a joint presentation with strategic partner Calligo, Mind Foundry discusses the applications of machine learning in investing to a room full of members of Jersey Finance
  • Mind Foundry demonstrates how their augmented data science platform gives businesses in the Finance industry strategic advantages when it comes to testing their strategies and identifying patterns in their data 

3 May, 2019 - Yesterday, Mind Foundry had the privilege of attending the Jersey Finance Fintech Demo Day with data optimization partner, Calligo.  

Mind Foundry had the opportunity to explain the value of the human in the investment process for identifying which data points are relevant for the machine learning modelling as well as for interpreting and acting on the forecasts to a packed crowd. 

Charles Brecque, Mind Foundry's Customer Operations Manager, provided a live demo of its surprise earnings forecasting demo (which can be accessed here: IBES) and explained how Hedge funds are using this approach to anticipate large price swings.

Mind Foundry reassured the investment managers in the crowd that machine learning would not replace them and that it is best used to augment their analysis. In practice, this means using machine learning as an additional green or red flag in the investment process.

Our partner Calligo offers a portfolio of data services that optimize every stage of the data journey.  Our strategic alliance gives business problem owners the ability to manage and optimize their data lifecycle while maximizing the predictive power of their data with Mind Foundry's automated data science platform. 

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