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Hey there, partner. We offer a variety of partnership types to help our customers adopt machine learning and maximize the value of their data. See which partner type fits your business below, then apply for our program!

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Technology Partners


Delivering an unrivalled customer experience is of upmost importance to Mind Foundry. 

Our technology partner program allows our customers to get the most value out of the Mind Foundry platform by developing integrations, applications and infrastructure solutions with world-class technology providers.

Our goal is to provide any business user with access to easy-to-use machine learning that coexists seamlessly with technology they use on a day to day basis, increasing efficiencies and driving better insights. 

Together with our technology partners we aim to deliver cutting-edge solutions that continue to democratize machine learning and accelerate adoption. 

Consulting Partners


The successful implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence is key to future-proofing businesses, but there is work to be done to bridge the gap between understanding and application. 

Mind Foundry works with leading machine learning and AI consultancies to help organizations bridge that gap and increase their internal knowledge of machine learning.  We believe that, when equipped with the right knowledge, change management strategies and business-specific solutions, machine learning will help businesses maintain a competitive edge while operating more effectively and efficiently.

Our consultancy partners increase the effectiveness of the Mind Foundry platform while shortening time to value.  We work closely with chosen consultancies to ensure our customers have an unrivalled customer experience, a seamless integration into their business, and a productive, competitive future. 

Reseller Partners


One of Mind Foundry's goals is to put the power of machine learning in as many hands as possible, enabling business users to become data science experts without the need for specialist training or skills.

Our reseller partners are helping us to accomplish this by expanding the reach of the Mind Foundry platform, helping us to democratize machine learning globally.  We work with our resellers to help our mutual customers grow and more easily adopt machine learning solutions while maximizing the power of their data.

Referral Partners

referral program

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes that are excited to help us introduce the Mind Foundry brand to the global marketplace.  

We believe in democratizing machine learning by putting it in the hands of business users and work with like-minded businesses to accomplish this. In exchange for helping bring us new business, we provide a generous referral incentive program. We also believe in helping businesses create a world-class ecosystem that leverages data for better decision making and individual, industrial and societal progress.  Therefore we also recommend complementary solutions to our clients where we see fit. 

Academic Partners


As a proud spin-out of the University of Oxford, our heritage is steeped in academic excellence and scientific rigour. 

We work closely with the Machine Learning Research Group (MLRG) in the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford to ensure that the latest academic research is reflected in our platform.

We believe in the importance of bridging the gap between academia and commercial use when it comes to machine learning and will continue to employ the brightest machine learning minds from the academic space.  We also will continue to share ideas and research with the wider academic community to deliver our promise to create world-class machine learning solutions for our customers. 

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