Get a head-start implementing machine learning with support services tailored to your business.

One size doesn't fit all. We offer proactive assistance to turn your team members into data heroes no matter what their current knowledge level or ability.

Machine Learning Workshops

Let's have a chat. Show us a sample of your data and we will draw a path to adoption with you. 

It couldn't be simpler. Gather all the stakeholders in one room: your data heroes, your data skeptics, the budget holders, the IT system team and whoever else you think might be important to get answers from your data.

Mind Foundry will then facilitate a two-way education session:

  • What is machine learning and why is it useful to me? (led by us) 
  • Business ecosystem map (led by you) 
  • Your data: what it is, where it is (led by you) 
  • Use case discovery: how machine learning can solve your problems (led by us)

Innovation year

Machine learning is a fast-moving field and quick time-to value is key to your business success. Here is an example of how we can guide innovation within your organization:


Time to implement machine learning with support services in place. Get on-boarded, set out business-critical priorities, find and prepare the data and get first value.


You're getting the hang of it. Learn tricks of the trade, build more complex machine learning models, experiment with different data sets. Value is now clear and demonstrable.


Integrate machine learning models with other business operations, automating what were previously manual and time-consuming tasks. Value is now spreading across the entire organisation.
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Gain fundamental understanding of machine learning concepts and direct your innovation.

Customer Success Services

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Sometimes you just need that extra push. We can embed machine learning support in your organization on a schedule decided by you.

Our expert will help you create value throughout: preparing data, extracting features, creating models, coordinating work groups, integrating machine learning in your business systems and more.

When our experts are with you, it's easier for everyone in the organisation to talk to them and learn from their experience. Forget waiting around, get your data working hard from day one and see immediate results from machine learning.

Consulting Services

Even when problems are seriously complex, we are still there for you. We have a track record solving complex machine learning problems for all types of businesses both big and small.

Our team of machine learning research scientists and research software engineers will understand your problem, draw from the latest advances in the literature and deliver a solution that works.

But bear in mind: you are the domain expert and must guide us through your data and problem. To achieve our stated goals, it's vital that we work together towards the best machine learning solution.

Get in touch and we figure out together how Mind Foundry can help you with your key projects and initiatives.

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