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Optimizing Newsletters for Inbound Marketing Strategies

Newsletters have become a core part of any inbound marketing strategy since they offer a direct channel of communication between organisations and their prospective customers. Organizations use newsletters to educate leads by shedding some light on who they are and the benefits of their offerings in order to encourage them to purchase their services.

However, leads can sign up to a newsletter from almost every competitor or influencer. This can result in your newsletter being ignored or unsubscribed from if your content is not valuable or interesting enough.

Luckily, most CRM products which manage the newsletter distribution collect attributes of the content you are sending. They even collect attributes about your readers. These attributes can include the number of words or images in a letter, the time it was sent and the location or industry of your readers.

Using machine learning these attributes can be correlated with the marketing metric of choice. That metric could be based on a letter being opened, a lead clicking on a link to a product page on your website, or a forwarding of that letter to one of their contacts. Whatever is important to your business

In light of this new information, you can optimize your content and predict the likelihood of your future newsletters being successful. Alternatively, understanding the attributes of your most engaged subscribers can also inform your marketing teams about which segments to target next.

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