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We’re dedicated to creating a workplace where you feel empowered to be your best self. No matter who you are.

Whilst we have made every effort to build a recruitment process that is fair, transparent and accessible, if you need any adjustments to your process, or have any feedback you would like to share with us regarding your experience, please contact

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Nathan Korda

"I was an academic before joining, so nearly everything is different. Failure is fast, impact is quick, problems need solving now, and teams are long-lived. In academia, projects can go for months without progress, you can be working with multiple collaborators, but not feel part of a team, and impact is all down to you."

Nathan Korda
Director of Research

KatieWhittington and Winston

"Mind Foundry is an excellent place to work alongside amazing people and be challenged every day. I’ve learnt so much and been able to grow into new roles, as well as be exposed to every aspect of the business. It’s a really exciting time to be a part of a growing team building, deploying and maintaining responsible AI technology that makes an impact to peoples lives."

Katie Whittington
Head of Marketing Operations

Tadeo Corradi

"I'm an RSE, which means I bridge the gap between science and software engineering. This is quite a creative problem-solving role because it works both ways: encoding scientific rigour into software architecture, and turning ML 'cool ideas' into production applications."

Tadeo Corradi
Lead Machine Learning Engineer

Culture image 2

"Mind Foundry's solutions are at the forefront of AI and play a crucial role in enhancing the UK’s Defence capabilities. Working towards a clear goal means everyone is driven to pursue excellence and contribute to such meaningful work!"

Syreeta Cummings
Product Manager - Defence & National Security

Culture image 1

"I enjoy working with a mix of fantastic people in the technical, product and commercial disciplines to tackle complex problems. There’s a lot of variety and it feels like an understatement to say that I’m learning something new each day!"

Claire Butcher
Intelligence Architect

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