Artificial Intelligence for Infrastructure

Enhancing the management of built assets with a data-driven understanding of risk.

Intelligently extending the life of assets

Infrastructure around the world is ageing, and current approaches to managing it lack the resources required to be successful. Mind Foundry solutions use accurate defect assessment methods with the latest advancements in computer vision and sensor fusion to track asset health over time and provide prioritisation for inspections across an entire asset portfolio.


Visual Condition Monitoring

Use data-driven approaches to detect, monitor, and predict changes in asset condition over time.

Inspection Optimisation

Optimise the allocation of human and budgetary inspection resources to maximise operational efficiency.

Infrastructure Assurance

Create a seamless picture of uncertainty and risk to provide optimal maintenance of a portfolio of assets.

Benefits Mind Foundry Brings to Infrastructure

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We’re a UK company, born out of the University of Oxford. Our AI solutions are scientifically principled and explainable to provide you with the fundamental understanding of the system and how it makes decisions.


Human - AI collaboration

There are elements of your work that can never be replaced by AI. Our systems support people as far as possible while preserving human autonomy. You can leverage the Mind Foundry Platform by bringing in your data, domain expertise, and integration. 

Solutions, fit for purpose

Solutions, fit for purpose

One-size-fits-all solutions do not work in complex, challenging environments. Our approaches can be configured to match use cases while preserving robustness, performance and deployability.

Continuous Metalearning

Models that get better

Infrastructure is an industry that is constantly changing. Our solutions have the agency to combine your expert feedback with their own suggestions to adapt and improve in an ever-changing world.

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