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Case studies of Responsible AI in high-stakes applications.

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We're committed to helping organisations around the world solve high-stakes problems using responsible, explainable AI. Our customers use the Mind Foundry Platform to solve problems in challenging environments such as insurance, infrastructure, and defence and national security. When risk and complexity are high, organisations rely on Mind Foundry to deliver responsible AI solutions that truly perform. 

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"What was critical in the success of the large loss solution, was that AND-E had the domain expertise and previous knowledge about large loss accidents, proven and enhanced by the Machine Learning models created by Mind Foundry. As human insight helped inform what the models learned, the model’s insights helped the insurance experts learn more about the world and how to understand and better manage the risk in their portfolio."

Greg Cole
UK Claims Director


"Our collaboration demonstrated the quality and power of the Mind Foundry Platform and its world-class talents who enhanced our machine learning capabilities. Now we are embarking on an ambitious project to transform our entire insurance operation on a global scale to lead the rapidly evolving mobility insurance sector by joining forces with Mind Foundry."

Jun Ikegami
CEO, Aioi R&D Lab - Oxford


"We get excited when we see the results of our models in production, but it doesn't stop there. The models need to continue to be trained, enhanced and tested to ensure they’re not biased, and that they continue to predict with the level of accuracy that we expect. Continuous Metalearning is really critical for any business and for anyone using AI and machine learning."

Nika Lee
Chief Underwriting Officer

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