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We bring together the world’s best scientists, engineers, design-thinkers and more to tackle the most challenging problems across numerous industries.

We’re an international team from all walks of life, unified in our desire to be innovators, changemakers and helpful stewards of AI as it begins to shape our world for years to come.


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Brian Mullins, CEO

Brian Mullins


Brian Mullins is an entrepreneur and technical leader with over a decade of experience in high growth technology companies. In his prior roles as CEO, Brian was responsible for all aspects of leadership and management of over 350 employees across four countries; raising over $330 MM in investment capital.

Brian has been on the forefront of technology and studies the potential of technology to positively change the lives of people around the world. He has been awarded over 100 U.S. patents, has been asked to testify as an expert before the U.S. Senate, received an Edison award for Industrial Design, was named one of the CNBC Disruptor 50, and was named one of Goldman Sachs “100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs”.


Professor Stephen Roberts

Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

Stephen Roberts is the Royal Academy of Engineering / Man Group Professor of Machine Learning at the University of Oxford. His work has shaped our understanding of what is possible with AI, and had a broad impact in the fields of astronomy, biology, healthcare, finance, engineering, control, sensor networks, and system monitoring.

Stephen’s insight lies in the theory and methodology of machine learning for large-scale real-world problems, especially those in which noise and uncertainty abound. He has successfully applied his approaches to assist in exoplanet discovery, human-agent coordination, sensor network monitoring and tracking the spread of deadly diseases.


Professor Michael Osborne

Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

Professor Michael A Osborne is Professor of Machine Learning at the University of Oxford. His work in Machine Learning has been successfully applied in diverse contexts, from aiding the detection of planets in distant solar systems to enabling self-driving cars to determine when their maps may have changed due to roadworks.

Mike also has deep interests in the broader societal consequences of machine learning and robotics. His work on the significance of machine learning and robotics to future labour markets has impacted government policy and been featured in major media outlets.

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Matt Arnold

Chief Financial Officer

Matt Arnold is a highly experienced financial leader, with a passion for software engineering and technology, holding an MSc in Information Engineering from the University of Cambridge. He was previously Managing Director at Goldman Sachs in Strategic Investing and Fixed Income, where he built novel pricing models, analytics, and workflow tools.

Before joining Mind Foundry, Matt was a founding Principal at Oxford Science Enterprises, where he helped Oxford University spinouts such as PQShield, Bibliu, Diffblue, OxfordVR, Ultromics, HEXR and Osler turn their research into scalable businesses.

Anna Roe

Anna Roe

Chief People Officer

Anna Roe has been working within the People realm for over a decade, having focused her career on high growth startups. Joining Wise when it was an early-stage company helping it scale from 100 to 1000 employees. She then went on to join Houst and TransferGo, running their people functions through their global growth.

She thrives off helping organisations attract, develop and retain the best talent whilst building a culture and experience that scales with the company. As our Chief People Officer, her role is to focus on key areas of the business, our people and our culture. This includes ensuring the company’s values are intrinsic in everything we do and that we nurture an environment of empowerment, education, curiosity, innovation, and scientific rigour.

Davide Zilli - Mind Foundry VP Applied Machine Learning

Davide Zilli

VP Applied Machine Learning

Dr Davide Zilli's background is in applied machine learning. He worked on pollution sensing while he was a visiting scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has published research on bioacoustics and machine learning for citizen science.

Upon completion of his doctorate, he joined the Machine Learning Research Group at the University of Oxford, working on the acoustic detection of malarial mosquitoes. When Mind Foundry was spun out of the University, he joined in the position of Machine Learning Research Scientist, focusing primarily on time series analysis. He now works with clients to drive the highest business impact from the Machine Learning adoption journey.

Nick Sherman - Mind Foundry VP Marketing and Design

Nick Sherman

VP Marketing & Design

Nick Sherman is a marketing and design leader who uses his experience as a storyteller to bring teams together, increase creativity, and explore solutions to the most important problems. He excels in assembling teams that create high-value multimedia content, incorporating the latest trends in filmmaking, animation, graphic design, and code. He takes a human-centred approach to design, and has worked extensively on User Experience in the fields of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and autonomous driving.

An award-winning documentary filmmaker and screenwriter, his work combines his passion for philosophy and design to help people better understand the human experience.

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