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Scientifically principled.

State of the art.

We build AI that is simple to use, easy to collaborate with, and protects you from making mistakes.

A team of visionaries


Mind Foundry was created out of the belief that AI and good scientific principles that go behind AI and machine learning will make fundamental transformations to the world around us.

To do this, we build algorithms and solutions which help people make better decisions, cope with the deluge of data in a profound and principled way, and allow that wealth of information to come through to make transformations at every level in business, in industry, in science and indeed in society.

As the world moves to this digital transformation, Mind Foundry is there providing a foundation and providing principles in a scaffold which will help people and companies make sense of this ocean of data.

Humble Algorithms

Scientifically Principled

We use humble algorithms that preserve transparency without any black boxes.




Humble Algorithms

Humble Algorithms

We use humble, scientifically principled algorithms that preserve transparency without any black boxes.



We make tools that help people achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

Human and AI collaboration

Collaborative by Design

We keep you in the loop with tools that let you embed your unique knowledge into the solution.

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Our leadership


Professor Stephen Roberts

Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

Professor Stephen Roberts is the Royal Academy of Engineering / Man Group Professor of Machine Learning at the University of Oxford. He has published extensively, having over 350 publications which have accrued more than 27,000 citations and 22 awards, including two medals.

Stephen’s interests lie in the theory and methodology of machine learning for large-scale real-world problems, especially those in which noise and uncertainty abound. He has successfully applied these approaches to a wide range of problem domains including astronomy, biology, finance, engineering, control, sensor networks, and system monitoring.


Professor Michael Osborne

Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

Michael A Osborne is a Professor of Machine Learning at the University of Oxford. His work in Machine Learning has been successfully applied in diverse contexts, from aiding the detection of planets in distant solar systems to enabling self-driving cars to determine when their maps may have changed due to roadworks.

Mike also has deep interests in the practical use of machine learning to enable automation, while ensuring that such advances are made in sympathy with societal needs. His work on the significance of machine learning and robotics to future labour markets is highly cited and has impacted government policy and been featured in major media outlets.

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