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Power to the people in the AI age

Enabling anyone of any technical ability to solve their business problems using machine learning.

Our mission

Mind Foundry’s mission is to provide data-savvy business problem owners with software and enablement designed to perfectly augment their expertise and natural way of working. We want to help you implement machine learning solutions quickly and easily to generate measurable business value.


Professors Stephen Roberts and Michael Osborne

In our first year, we focused on establishing successful working partnerships with major players in high-tech and heavy industries.

On the back of these partnerships, we built a team out of the wealth of talented researchers passing through the University of Oxford's Machine Learning Research Group (MLRG) and Oxford’s rich concentration of high quality software developers. The projects we engaged in during this year helped to hone the company’s vision of an intelligent assistant which would allow clients to scale the impact of machine learning on their businesses.

In our second year, we continued to expand and began work on the intelligent assistant which would form our core product offering. We worked systematically through the data science workflow to harmonise and inject intelligence wherever possible. The Bayesian Optimization technology which forms the core engine behind the intelligent assistant was extracted and released as our first product, Mind Foundry Optimize.

With the core elements of our products in place, in the first half of 2019 we were ready to take our main product to market. Whereas other AI companies had chosen to focus their solutions on data scientists, data architects and other tech-savvy employees... we recognized that business value is best derived by incorporating human domain expertise into the powerful data-centric methods that our intelligent assistant can provide. This core principle that machine learning can only be effectively exploited in conjunction with domain knowledge has been at the heart of our philosophy from the very beginning.

Today, Mind Foundry is developing the world's most advanced "human-in-the-loop" platform designed specifically for business users so they can quickly and easily develop machine learning derived solutions to serve a broad range of needs that exist across their organizations.

Why do
we exist?


We are a spin-out from the University of Oxford.

The idea for the company began with the two lead professors of the Machine Learning Research Group (MLRG) in the Department of Engineering Science, Stephen Roberts and Michael Osborne. Between them they have over 30 years experience in machine learning and their expertise is world-renowned.

 The MLRG also has many years of experience collaborating with high-tech industries, heavy industries, finance, and more, bringing machine learning directly into real-world applications.

However, academia can only take you so far. It became their desire to have a larger impact in industry and commerce and for this reason the two professors formed Mind Foundry in early 2016.

These days, everybody can gather data about their business -- often in large amounts. However, it is rare that this data is consumable by the employees who are key to generating business’s value.

This is where Mind Foundry comes in.

We exist to augment and enhance problem owners in businesses, enabling them to combine their data with their expert intuitions, domain knowledge and experience.

We give people the ability to explore business problems through their data and state-of-the-art technology in order to create new value for their businesses.

What next?

As we grow, we will build on the foundations laid by our first products.

We are imagining and creating the future of machine learning for business. Business users don't necessarily care to learn about or become experts on the underlying science. However, they need to trust the underlying science and a point and click experience to access their data then make predictions that create value. Watch us as we continue to lead the world in designing solutions that make machine learning accessible to everyone.

Our unique and intimate connection to the University’s machine learning community allows us access to some of the greatest minds and educational content in data science.

As part of our mandate to make machine learning accessible, we are developing a community with our clients, within the University of Oxford and more broadly with other academic partners. Our unique and intimate connection to the University of Oxford’s machine learning community allows us access to some of the greatest minds and educational content in the field of data science. Come join us as we share our expertise to ensure you and your colleagues remain relevant and in fact become more valuable in the era of AI.

Life at
Mind Foundry

Nathan Korda

I joined Mind Foundry as one of its initial recruits from the MLRG to build high-impact machine learning products.

Having spent several years in France and Oxford at the cutting edge of machine learning research, I came to the conclusion that the field was at a high level of maturity and that the greatest challenge was in making the technology work for industry and commerce. Mind Foundry was a perfect place to pursue that goal, and as Research Director, I am an integral part of how machine learning academic knowledge is being translated into something that creates value for business.

As Research Director, my number one priority is to ensure the scientific integrity of all Mind Foundry’s products.

My typical day at Mind Foundry is extremely varied. I might be working individually on improving product performance, building a new prototype, talking to clients, or thinking about new machine learning approaches. As Research Director, my number one priority is to ensure the scientific integrity of all Mind Foundry’s products, which means I need to review the fantastic work of the Research Team and keep in touch with all other departments as they build out our products and services. The company has many great values such as collaboration, curiosity, innovation, excellence and agility. All in all, it is a great place to work.

Meet the team