Artificial Intelligence for Defence

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Designed for Deployment

Mind Foundry solutions are designed for deployment, and configured on robust, principled, platform technologies to ensure that crossing the chasm is a smooth, accelerated journey. We partner with existing suppliers across operational domains to deliver targeted impact in challenging problems through deployed AI systems.


Complex signal processing

Mind Foundry’s sensor fusion and complex signal processing engine can handle various signal types, including sonar, radar and cyber. It combines cutting-edge AI with tried and tested signal processing techniques, to process, analyse and enrich feeds from the complete range of modern sensors.

Multi-agent system orchestration

Understanding the world is a challenge. Optimally responding to it in an agile and targeted way is harder still. From optimising beam directing in real time to increasing efficiency of logistics, our solutions in the space help our partners to maximise what matters at a global scale.

Human factors & explainability

Explainability is not a one size fits all solution. Composable architectures built on a common provenance chain and language of explainability allow us to create interfaces targeted to individuals. In this way we build trust, and enable AI to be used in new and challenging ways.

Benefits Mind Foundry Brings to Defence & National Security

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UK Sovereign AI

Born out of the University of Oxford,  our AI solutions are scientifically principled and explainable to provide you with the fundamental understanding of the system and how it makes decisions.


Human - AI Collaboration

You can leverage the Mind Foundry Platform by bringing in your data, domain expertise, and integration. There are elements of operation that can never be replaced by AI. Our systems support operators as far as possible while preserving human autonomy.

Solutions, fit for purpose

Solutions, fit for purpose

One-size-fits-all solutions do not work in complex, challenging environments. Our approaches can be configured to match use cases while preserving robustness, performance and deployability.

Continuous Metalearning

Models that get better

Defence is an industry that is constantly changing. Powered by Continuous Metalearning, our solutions have the agency to combine your expert feedback with their own suggestions to adapt and improve in an ever-changing world.

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