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What makes a machine learning model ‘trustworthy’?

Last year, Mind Foundry worked closely with Professor Brent Mittelstadt (of the Oxford Internet Institute) to get a deeper understanding of the law, policy, and standards in development surrounding machine learning. The output of this work was an in-depth research paper highlighting the key aspects of machine learning governance. This 4-part blog series summarises some of the key points from that paper to give a flavour of the most pressing problems in AI governance and some of the solutions...

7 min read

Generative AI: The Illusion of a Shortcut

Generative AI has exploded into the public eye, with the conversation focusing on the opportunities and risks it presents. However, in the Defence sector there are specific challenges and problems that this technology is simply not suited to solve.

One doesn’t need to look far to find an article or opinion about Generative AI. Open AI’s public release of Chat GPT in November 2022, and the update to GPT-4 last month, introduced the wider public to this groundbreaking new technology....

5 min read

Explaining AI Explainability

There’s been a lot of talk about the development of large language models (LLMs) recently, with the loudest voices split between those who think it poses a significant risk to humanity, to those who believe it could be the crowning achievement of all humankind. Between those two extremes are numerous reasons for optimism and many valid concerns about AI safety and how to use LLMs responsibly across many different sectors. Much of this hinges on ‘transparency’, ‘interpretability’, and...

9 min read

All you need to know about the Aioi R&D Lab - Oxford

In February 2023, we announced the launch of the Aioi R&D Lab - Oxford, a joint venture between Mind Foundry and our partners Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance (ANDI) and Aioi Nissay Dowa Europe (AND-E).  This is the first of its kind research lab, so naturally you may be thinking… What is it exactly? In this article we’ll tell you all you need to know.

Introducing the Aioi R&D Lab - Oxford

The Aioi R&D Lab - Oxford aims to solve global-scale societal issues through the creation of products and...

6 min read

The Power to Do Good with AI

The past few months have shown us how quickly deep tech innovation, and especially advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), can be developed and adopted at great scale. New AI tools have emerged at breakneck speed, opening up a range of opportunities to positively impact problem-solving, decision-making, and efficiency. 

One of the most prolific to date, ChatGPT, has shown just how quickly advanced technology can arrive in the mainstream and capture the imaginations of experts and laypeople...

5 min read

AI for Defence: More than just an innovation opportunity

Artificial Intelligence is already being used to solve problems in the Defence sector. But if AI is only seen as an opportunity to practice innovation, then the development of critical applications won’t progress fast enough.

The Defence data problem

The Defence industry faces a multitude of problems that require solving, many of which are clearly identifiable and well-documented. Some are equally prevalent but are poorly articulated and insufficiently understood. However, there is one common...

7 min read

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science, supported by the UN, is a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge the inspirational contributions of women across the globe in science and technology, who continue to break down stereotypes and pioneer gender equality in a traditionally male-dominated industry. We have the chance to inspire and encourage girls and women of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to discover their potential within science and become leaders in an exciting and...

8 min read

How Mind Foundry’s Goals Framework Led to Outstanding Achievements

Change is hard. We're creatures of habit by nature, and despite our best efforts, we often struggle to avoid repeating entrenched behaviours that take up much of our time and energy. It’s altogether too easy to find yourself coasting along the same path with no signs of improvement on the horizon. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Setting clearly defined goals, ones with simple metrics to measure completion and success, is one of the most effective ways to break the cycle and set...











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