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6 min read

The Power to Do Good with AI

The past few months have shown us how quickly deep tech innovation, and especially advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), can be developed and adopted at great scale. New AI tools have emerged at breakneck speed, opening up a range of opportunities to positively impact problem-solving, decision-making, and efficiency. 

One of the most prolific to date, ChatGPT, has shown just how quickly advanced technology can arrive in the mainstream and capture the imaginations of experts and laypeople...

5 min read

AI for Defence: More than just an innovation opportunity

Artificial Intelligence is already being used to solve problems in the Defence sector. But if AI is only seen as an opportunity to practice innovation, then the development of critical applications won’t progress fast enough.

The Defence data problem

The Defence industry faces a multitude of problems that require solving, many of which are clearly identifiable and well-documented. Some are equally prevalent but are poorly articulated and insufficiently understood. However, there is one common...

7 min read

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science, supported by the UN, is a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge the inspirational contributions of women across the globe in science and technology, who continue to break down stereotypes and pioneer gender equality in a traditionally male-dominated industry. We have the chance to inspire and encourage girls and women of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to discover their potential within science and become leaders in an exciting and...

8 min read

How Mind Foundry’s Goals Framework Led to Outstanding Achievements

Change is hard. We're creatures of habit by nature, and despite our best efforts, we often struggle to avoid repeating entrenched behaviours that take up much of our time and energy. It’s altogether too easy to find yourself coasting along the same path with no signs of improvement on the horizon. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Setting clearly defined goals, ones with simple metrics to measure completion and success, is one of the most effective ways to break the cycle and set...

4 min read

Making AI explainable, manageable and justified in the UK public sector

Mind Foundry recently hosted 'Defining Ambitions: The Future of AI in Public Sector', an invaluable virtual learning exchange for the public sector. Delivered in partnership with GovNewsDirect, the session's objective was to explore the possibilities for AI innovation within public services. It is fair to say that many organisations are only just beginning to use AI and machine learning; although growing, the number of organisations that rely on it as a core part of their operations is still...

4 min read

Collaborating With Partners to Push Quantum Computing Forward

(This piece was originally published as a guest post for The Quantum Insider)

The focus on quantum computing has been growing steadily over the last decade, thanks to the promise of how this technology could revolutionise our lives. An example of where quantum computing could be particularly groundbreaking is in the pharmaceutical industry, where it has the potential to make R&D drug development processes possible, that are currently impossible, due to the limitations of classical computing....

7 min read

HumBug 2022: Detecting Mosquito Signatures with Machine Learning


Helping the fight against malaria

Mind Foundry co-Hosts HumBug 2022, as part of the ComparE challenge, bringing together the greatest minds to help solve one of the world’s most important problems. The goal of the project is to use low-cost smartphones to detect the characteristic acoustic signatures of mosquito flight tones, helping understand the presence of potential malaria vectors. The goal of the Mosquito sub-challenge at ComparE was to develop algorithms to detect mosquitoes within...

2 min read

Mind Foundry named in ‘Ethical AI startup landscape’ by EAIGG

Mind Foundry are thrilled to have been included in the ‘Ethical AI startup landscape’ research, mapped by researchers at the EAIGG (Ethical AI Governance Group), who have vetted nearly 150 companies working in Ethical AI across the globe. This important research by the EAIGG is being conducted to provide transparency on the ecosystem of companies working on ethical AI. 

Mind Foundry was highlighted in both the ‘Targeted AI Solutions’ and ‘ModelOps, Monitoring & Observability’ categories. Both...











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