Focused on the responsible use of AI

Insurance, Infrastructure and Defence & National Security.

Industry Impact

When risk and complexity are high, organisations rely on Mind Foundry to deliver responsible AI solutions that truly perform. 

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The safety net of society.

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 Assurance for the built environment.

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Defence & National Security

UK sovereign AI. Designed for deployment.

A Platform for Responsible AI

The Mind Foundry Platform comprises a large and growing family of applications that help organisations develop, deploy, and manage AI responsibly in the most challenging problem spaces.

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High-stakes problems

Where decisions affect the lives of individuals or are made at the scale of populations.

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Complex challenges

Where regulations introduce additional requirements, data sources are diverse, and the world is constantly changing.

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Strong reliance on data

Where ever-increasing data volumes should lead to improved decision-making, and knowledge sharing.

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Valuable, unique assets

Where off-the-shelf solutions aren’t fit for purpose, problems are unique, and customisation is required.

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