Applied Machine Learning

Cutting-edge AI & Machine Learning.



We push the boundaries of AI through the development of software solutions and original research.


We have the knowledge, tools, and experience you need to empower your team's digital transformation.


We promote the responsible use of AI through custom courses taught by leading minds in Machine Learning.

We push boundaries of how AI can be used responsibly in the real world.

We work closely with the University of Oxford and other academic institutions, as well as government and private bodies, to develop algorithms, methods and applications. Our work bridges the gap between academia and industry to bring AI and Machine Learning into the world where it is needed most. We've worked with our customers on many projects, including:

  • Listened to mosquitoes to predict malaria transmission.

  • Designed predictions for insurance prices.

  • Built telematic algorithms for driving behaviour.

  • Developed ways to predict cognitive decline in elderly drivers.

  • Calibrated qubits in quantum computers.

Transforming your business with Machine Learning doesn't need to be complicated.


The Mind Foundry Platform takes care of all the hard bits. But sometimes customisation is required: a new algorithm, an integration with a particular business process, the prioritisation of resource allocation. For all those cases, our team can help you speed up the process and get to results faster.

  • Dedicated team to support your needs.

  • Open planning and design with full transparency.

  • Staff training to become Machine Learning professionals.

  • Enabling independent workflows for your team.

Transforming your business with Machine Learning doesnt need to be complicated Graphic

As an Oxford University spinout, education is core

The Mind Foundry Academy provides a full Machine Learning course, with exams and certifications at different levels, from essential topics to get you started to full proficiency and specialisation for advanced data scientists. Our courses have a strong focus on enabling you to do the job and be the driver of Machine Learning transformation in your business.

  • Go at your own pace.

  • Discussions of the latest trends in AI.

  • Courses that cover both theory and practice.

  • Put it into practice with the Mind Foundry Platform - no coding necessary.


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