Mind Foundry Core

A suite of tools, applications, and APIs to help you build and explore models and their data in a principled, transparent way.

Combine your expertise and data in a powerful platform for human - AI collaboration.


Explore your data and gather valuable new insights from hidden patterns.


Develop your own IP by building and optimising your custom models.


A platform for building and benchmarking responsible AI models


Mind Foundry Core is a powerful platform that brings the expertise of humans and the power of Machine Learning together in a unified space to build trust and collaboration between humans and AI.

  • Intuitive user interfaces for rapid exploration of data.

  • Data and Machine Learning pipelines for the most complex challenges.

  • Robust testing and deployment framework.

  • Deeper customisation, integration, and analytics.


652ef1b7ab31e7cc807b05bb_A platform for building and benchmarking responsible AI models
Core_ Discover and explore hidden patterns in your data.

Discover and explore hidden patterns in your data.

Mind Foundry Core’s self-serve platform lets you see and understand your data through the lens of Machine Learning.

Utilise a suite of tools to help you import, amend, and develop your data in preparation for Machine Learning. Follow guided suggestions to perform additional data prep that will improve overall performance.

  • Tools, applications, and APIs.

  • Supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning operations.

  • Data advisor to help you prepare for Machine Learning models. 


Build and own your own models.


Create, use, and deploy different types of Machine Learning models for use across your organisation. Use pipelines to build models for classification, regression, forecasting, and clustering. Model health scores ensure your model has extracted statistically significant performance.

652ef1ed7babfb05fc8ad002_Build and own your own models
Optimise White

Optimise for your unique requirements.

Mind Foundry Core’s Bayesian Optimiser can automatically, intelligently, and efficiently search a space of parameter configurations for the best solution to any given problem.

The Optimiser balances exploration and exploitation to rapidly find the solution that you need.

  • Automate the selection of the relevant algorithms for the problem at hand.

  • Integrate domain knowledge.

  • Improve model performance with hyperparameter tuning.


"Our collaboration demonstrated the quality and power of the Mind Foundry Platform and its world-class talents who enhanced our machine learning capabilities. Now we are embarking on an ambitious project to transform our entire insurance operation on a global scale to lead the rapidly evolving mobility insurance sector by joining forces with Mind Foundry."

Jun Ikegami
CEO, Aioi R&D Lab - Oxford

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