Visionaries wanted.

Help us build a world we can all believe in. 



"The future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented."

-Dennis Gabor

We’re an international team from all walks of life, unified in our desire to be innovators, change makers and helpful stewards of AI as it begins to shape our world for years to come.

We work in an agile, interdisciplinary environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and learning. 

You'll find us doing everything from using geospatial optimisation to plan infrastructure upgrades to transforming the insurance industry or calibrating quantum computers... We've even been known to discover an exoplanet or two. 



We’ve been Flexified, so you can trust that we’re a truly flexible workplace.

Frankie Garcia


Product Manager

"I was excited to join the team because of my interest in responsible AI. Mind Foundry is an excellent place to explore what is ethically desirable, legally useful, and technologically possible for AI in high-stakes applications. Not just in theory, but in practice."



Director of Research

"I was an academic before joining, so nearly everything is different. Failure is fast, impact is quick, problems need solving now, and teams are long-lived. In academia, projects can go for months without progress, you can be working with multiple collaborators, but not feel part of a team, and impact is all down to you."



Research Software Engineer

“I'm an RSE, which means I bridge the gap between science and software engineering. This is quite a creative problem-solving role because it works both ways: encoding scientific rigour into software architecture, and turning ML 'cool ideas' into production applications.”



Financial Analyst

"Everyone always has time for you here. It’s really nice to be part of a team who makes you feel fully supported in developing your career and goals. The team are always open to new ideas and ways we can adapt especially while being more remote! "


How we work





We empower our people to be the best in what they do. We invest in everyone's personal and professional growth so that we may grow as a company.

Design Thinking -1


Design Thinking


We practice Design Thinking to focus on the right problems to solve. Design is not just how something looks and feels - it’s how something works. And it’s a part of everything we do.

Cultre of Feedback


Culture of Feedback


We communicate in a way that creates a vibrant cross-pollination of ideas where feedback is actionable, receptivity genuine, and ideas are debated - not the people who have them.




Agile Work Environment


We operate in an agile structure that allows individuals and teams the flexibility to do their best work. Our working environment encourages focus, creativity, and collaboration.

Benefits include changing the world, being a part of something big, Wednesday pub lunches, solving important problems, the occasional axe throwing

And all the other things.*




You had me at changing the world








*Benefits vary slightly by country. In the UK they include the following and more: Equity after a qualifying period, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Pension, Generous Holiday, Remote Working (especially during pandemics!), Flexible Working Hours, Cycle to Work Scheme...



Current Openings

Mind Foundry is building a diverse and inclusive environment.

We’re dedicated to hiring diverse talent and giving everyone an equal opportunity to thrive. Whilst we have made every effort to build a recruitment process that is fair, transparent and accessible, please contact if there is any feedback you would like to share with us regarding your experience. Thank you.

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