Plan your EV charge point rollout responsibly and efficiently with AI


Replacing vehicles powered by fossil fuels with today's greener, electric vehicles (EVs) is critical for governments with net zero goals. But where will everybody go to charge their EVs?


In countries like the UK, where the majority of drivers will rely on public charging stations to make this possible, finding out where to install these charging points is a complex problem. We need to understand infrastructure capacity, accessibility, the social impact and ethical implications that could arise from an unfair distribution of power.




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Tell me how County Councils in the UK are using AI to find out where to place the 400,000 EV chargers that are needed to reach Net Zero.

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The demand for EVs is growing exponentially in an effort to lower emissions in the future. However, with such an increased demand, local authorities must supply sufficient charging points installed in optimum positions. Incorrect charging locations could have dire consequences on local communities, be costly and inefficient to EV drivers.



Mind Foundry is successfully combining geospatial modelling with a variety of different data sources and advanced uncertainty awareness forecasting, to intelligently model and predict the changing requirements for EV charging infrastructure. Mind Foundry's AI platform is helping to deploy the right amount of EVs in the best location possible for Oxfordshire County Council.


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  • Understand national and localised demand for capacity and mitigation work.

  • Balance profit along with immediate and long term demand, and local constraints.

  • Easy-to-use analysis tool for modelling, prediction and planning, providing quantifiably justified decisions and strategies.

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Explore the ways Oxfordshire County Council are using Mind Foundry to plan their charge point rollout. 



The importance of deploying the right type of charging asset in the right location to meet the demands of a rapidly increasing requirement for chargers against the need to minimise disruption cannot be over-emphasised. A flexible, easy to use mapping system utilising readily accessible data is a key component of the analysis that needs to take place to make this happen and the solution being developed by Mind Foundry has the potential to make this work easier, simpler and more accurate than anything we’ve used before.”




Watch the video below to learn how Mind Foundry has built a geospatial platform enabling energy leaders to visualise,

understand, and solve this problem today.

Responsible AI in high-stakes applications


In addition to helping the UK reach Net Zero, Mind Foundry is also using AI responsibly in Insurance, Government and Public Sector, and Security and Defence.



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