Complex signal processing

Mind Foundry’s sensor fusion and complex signal processing engine can handle various signal types, including sonar, radar and cyber. It combines cutting-edge AI with tried and tested signal processing techniques, to process, analyse and enrich feeds from the complete range of modern sensors.


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Benefits of a Mind Foundry solution

Reduce Cognitive Load-1
Reduce Cognitive Load

Modern sensor capabilities in radar, sonar, and other modes produce data volumes that outstrip a human's ability to process them. Our solutions help to reduce the load by extracting human-readable outputs from raw data streams.

Increase Autonomy
Increase Autonomy

Uncrewed vehicles provide access to more challenging environments. CSP solutions running at the edge can increase decision-making capability of these platforms when communications are degraded or unavailable.

Do more with less
Do More With Less

Traditional AI architectures have data requirements that scale with a problem's complexity. In complex sensing problems this leads to unrealistic demands for large datasets. Our solutions directly encode expert knowledge to combat this.

Problem complexity and lack of clean data make AI modelling challenging in domains like sonar, radio, and communications. Mind Foundry's MASINT architecture enables us to encode human expertise directly into the model to reduce data requirements and improve accuracy. We work with partners to configure processing pipelines across a range of use cases and interaction modes, including detection, denoising, tracking, and classification.


Complex Signal, SImple Outputs - Graphic-1



  • Deployment agnostic

  • Signature detection

  • Signature classification

  • Signature identification

  • Search orchestration

  • Sensor fusion

  • Exogenous data integration

  • Explainability views

  • Environment exploitation



  • Environmental noise reduction

  • Local environmental calibration

  • Edge deployable

  • Iterative updates

  • User feedback iteration

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More Data, More Problems

Ever-increasing data volumes should lead to improved situational awareness, but only if they are processed and presented intuitively for humans to understand. Instead of finding more knowledge, valuable information is getting lost in all the noise. The nature of the sonar problem space makes it especially challenging from a signal-processing perspective.

More Data, More Problems
Complex Signal Processing

Our sensor integration and processing engine provides foundational composable pipelines for both processing and making inferences on physical sensor data without requiring large datasets and exemplar functional telemetry. Instead, the framework enables us to rapidly onboard new sensors by incorporating information about the sensor and its environment explicitly into the pipeline.

Complex Signal Processing
AI Across Sensors

Mind Foundry’s solution provides more flexibility for networked IoT and sensor systems, reduces the need for large datasets to train models on new sensors, and improves the robustness, assurance, and explainability of the systems built within it through increased determinism of pipelines.

AI Across Sensors

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