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Upload and prepare your data

Data Set View


To get started you will need some data. Simply upload your data file or connect to a database.

  • Analyze will scan your data for potential issues and generate data preparation advice for correcting them.
  • Decide which pieces of advice are relevant and act on them with a couple of clicks.
  • Once your data is prepared, you can start exploring it!

Explore your data for quick insights

Email marketing interface


Analyze automatically visualizes your data, making it easy to extract preliminary insights.

  • Try finding relationships and patterns in your data using our interactive plots.
  • Check to see if the visualizations match with your intuitive understanding of your data.
  • Once you are happy with your data, you can start building a machine learning model!

Define and solve your problem

Model Building


Analyze helps you define the problem you want to solve and automatically builds a model to solve it.

  • If you know what you want to predict in your data analysis, such as click-through rates or credit scores, use the platform to automatically build the best predictive model for your problem, powered by Mind Foundry Optimize.
  • If you want to discover hidden structure in your data, use our structure discovery tools to build models revealing hidden groups, clusters and states.

Understand your solutions

Model Insights


Analyze is fully transparent about the solutions it designs to address your problems, so you can explain and trust the quality of predictions.

  • Once you have a model that solves your problem, find out what makes it tick.
  • Be assured that your model is well built, has predictive power, and solves your problem.
  • Understand what parts of your original data are most important to your model.

Make predictions



Use your model immediately within Analyze or deploy automatically through an API.

  • Once you are happy with your model, immediately make predictions on new data by simply loading it into Analyze.
  • Quickly and easily re-apply data preparation steps saved earlier.
  • Alternatively, automatically deploy both your data prep steps and your model through an API to integrate analysis into your own systems and processes.

Test your solution

Test Results


See how your model performs on data it has never seen before.

  • Use our testing area to understand how your model will perform on new or different data.
  • Enjoy all the functionality for exploring your model but using data it has never seen.
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Example Use Cases

Forecasting Revenue

Rudimentary sales forecasting is conducted in nearly every organization. However, with enough historical revenue and sales data, joined with internal and external factors such as the information about the managerial processes or the period of the year, machine learning models can map the relationship between those factors and the organization's total annual revenue.

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Optimizing Newsletters for Inbound Marketing Strategies

Marketing automation platforms that manage newsletter distribution collect engagement analytics and relevant information on recipients. However, imagine if you could predict the open rate of your next marketing newsletter and better yet, hone your newsletter content and delivery for an optimal outcome. 

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