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Get a Warm Start on AI-led Innovation

If AI is not yet a core competency of your firm, then one question must weigh on your mind: “how can I join this race and win?”  AI-led innovation is transforming industries,  disrupting  markets, and creating new sources of value and advantage. Mind Foundry Labs can help you get in front of this trend.  

AI is our core competency - and an engagement with Mind Foundry Labs can give your AI-led innovation effort a warm-start.  Bring us your challenge.  We’ll  bring you  world-class talent, unique tools, and valuable lessons from years of consulting with other AI innovators.


AI Innovation Talent

Our founders, Professor Stephen Roberts, and Professor Michael Osborne, teach at Oxford University, where they have gained global recognition for their contributions as researchers, innovators, and mentors.

Through their work, they have attracted bright minds and kindred spirits  from around the world to their classroom, and to our company. It’s this group of people you will work with when you engage with Mind Foundry Labs.


AI-Innovation Tools

Mind Foundry sells three machine learning software products,  Optimize, Analyze, and Horizon.

Hiring Mind Foundry Labs will give you a head-start in extracting value from all or any of these products in your business.  The people helping you deploy the products helped to build them, and know them intimately.  The products rest, in turn, on a larger platform of proprietary AI resources that the Labs team can draw upon (and build upon)  to help you solve complex machine-learning problems.


AI Innovation Experience

Experience in real-world applications of machine learning has seasoned the Mind Foundry Labs team.  We’ve been called upon to solve problems in:
  • public health - controlling the spread of malaria  

  • finance - detecting transaction fraud 

  • mineral extraction - improving machine uptime with predictive analytics

  • advanced computing - calibrating quantum computers 

  • life science - detecting problems early in clinical drug studies 

  • advanced manufacturing - creating model-based compression for IOT data, and building digital twins of complex machines  

  • public policy administration - identifying leading indicators of construction safety 

More use cases are getting underway in other industries.


Scaling Your Capacity, Together

Labs plays a supporting role in our strategy as a creator of machine-learning software.

We do not intend to scale Labs as a line of business. Instead, we plan to use it as a way to keep our product evolution aligned with customer needs. Knowing that,  you also know, we have a vested interest in scaling your capacity for AI innovation, rather than ours.     

Across our case-work, we’ve gained valuable know-how for practical application of machine learning in innovation initiatives: 

  • What not to take for granted 
  • Where to be flexible and not  
  • How to include people who are not themselves data scientists but who have the wisdom and experience to guide data science projects to stronger results

We make the transfer of hard-won methodological insight not just a happy accident, but an explicit goal of our practice. So, you can get immediate ROI from your warm start, and a long-term dividend in the form of building your internal capacity to carry on with AI innovation on your own. Whether you are an end-user of our products or a consulting firm seeking to enrich the value you deliver to your own client roster - we’re here to help you build your capacity, not ours.


How Might We Help You?

Mind Foundry Labs engagements typically land in the low six-digit range, with durations between two and three calendar quarters.

Do you have an AI-innovation challenge? Please share a few words about it here, and we’ll be back in touch to set up an initial conversation about how we might help you with it.