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The Mind Foundry Platform


The Mind Foundry Platform does much more than build the best models. It creates trusted collaborations between people and AI so that each can accomplish more than they could on their own.




The Furnace

Leverage the awesome power of Machine Learning, decades in the making.


The Furnace is at the heart of the Mind Foundry platform and is based on decades of innovation.

A powerful Meta-Learning Engine, the Furnace powers a suite of applications that will transform your business.




Predict the future with the world's best-time series forecasting engine.

Time-series forecasting is one of the most challenging ML applications to get right, and we do it better than anyone else.

Designed specifically to cater to the complicated workflows required by investors and traders, Horizon’s modelling and forecasting tools help you take any investment strategy to the next level.

Mind Foundry Horizon AI Platform for Finance


Find signal and forecast critical  events with time-series data.


Forecasting is one of the most challenging ML applications to get right.

Designed specifically to cater to the most complex applications of time-series analysis, Horizon’s tools help you build and test models with methods you can trust.







launchpad 2-3d-screLaunchpad creates AI solutions you can share with your team copy-1




Make the power of Machine Learning available to people throughout your organisation.


Create powerful AI-based solutions and share them with your team as problem-solving apps.

Launchpad lets you rapidly develop and deploy ML apps with a simple user interface.




Automate solutions to real-world problems with Collaborative AI.

Analyze’s self-serve Machine Learning platform lets you see and understand your data through the lens of Machine Learning.

Built to automate the most challenging Machine Learning problems in a way that empowers people and machines to do more than either could accomplish on their own. 




Our Platform at Work


The Mind Foundry Platform has helped people collaborate with AI to:  

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