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Foundations of Machine Learning


Learn from leading scientists about what Machine Learning is and how you can start implementing it in your organisation.

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Foundations of Machine Learning
Academy Overview

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1. Core Machine Learning

• Problem design
• Train validate test

• Data preparation

• Evaluating a model

• Visualisation and insights

• Linear & logistic regression
• Tree-based models

2. Applied Machine Learning

•  Time series applications & models
•  Feature engineering

•  Bayesian inference & optimisation

• Neural networks

3. Applied Machine Learning

•  Deep generative models
•  Natural language processing

•  Reinforcement learning

•  Model interpretability
•  Ethics in AI

•  Infrastructure for Machine Learning

•  Operationalisation of models

Foundations of Machine Learning

Learn from industry-leading scientists as they explain what Machine Learning is and how you can start implementing it in your organisation.

What are the benefits of the course?


Enhance your team’s problem-solving skills with Machine Learning techniques and apply them to your company.


Master Mind Foundry’s powerful Machine Learning platform and learn how to use it in real-life scenarios.


Learn how to think about and solve real-world problems ethically and effectively. Understand the important benefits of using AI responsibly in your industry.


Upskill your entire organisation with a solid understanding of Machine Learning techniques.

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"Mind Foundry’s Academy provided a great introduction to Machine Learning and AI. It covered a wide range of Machine Learning topics but with the flexibility to tailor sessions to what is most relevant for the team. I would highly recommend this course to those looking to enhance their data analytic skills and start applying them to real problems."

Nika Lee
Chief Underwriting Officer

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