Artificial Intelligence: Learning with Machines

AI is here, no longer merely a nebulous concept to occupy the minds of those in rarefied academic circles.

AI will drive true transformation throughout the public sector. It will enable organisations to make rapid gains in efficiency, improvements in the workplace and ultimately allow for enhanced delivery of services and a better citizen experience.

This white paper will consider the frameworks put in place by Government to promote the adoption and use of these exciting and innovative technologies.

It will look at how AI can be deployed responsibly across an organisation and the enormous potential it can release. Stressing the importance of such responsible implementation, it will demonstrate how choosing the right partner for the AI journey will ensure that systems are explainable and transparent, placing considerations for ethics at the core.


The public sector stands at the edge of great change. Widespread adoption of AI will scale at the speed of trust and bring efficiency, resilience and previously unimaginable improvements in performance. The white-paper considers the following main areas of focus:

  • Preparing the ground: How the government is sowing the seeds for AI to boost growth

  • Thinking AI: The art of the possible

  • How legacy technologies aren't blockers to adopting AI

  • Case studies from the public sector

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