Defining Ambitions: The Future of AI in the Public Sector

As you read this, AI solutions are driving public services to work faster, smarter and help people make more informed decisions.

Since the Government’s AI Sector Deal in 2019, investing £950m to support the required development and infrastructure, AI has become increasingly widespread across Central and Local Government, Justice & Emergency Services, Security & Defence, Education, Housing and the third sector. Its impact, so far, has been profound. But its potential and value has yet to be fully understood and realised.

Watch our co-hosted webinar with GovNews to explore the innovative plans for AI in the future of public services. It follows our research study, which collates the responses of more than 300 public sector organisations on how AI is being embraced in their business strategy, how well it is understood amongst teams, and what their AI ambitions are in the future.


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Our online discussion focuses on the following areas:

KNOWLEDGE: How explainable AI can promote collaboration between humans and machines. Is the depth of knowledge of AI and automation in public sector teams detrimental to progress?

AMBITION: What impact does AI have on paving a future in the public sector that inspires innovation, efficiency, and better decision-making?

IMPACT: How are AI tools already being utilised in public services? What is working, how can it be better, and what factors are restricting progress?

BENEFITS: How to implement AI responsibly in your public sector organisation – ‘Defining Ambitions: The Future of AI in Public Sector’.

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Watch the Webinar


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