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The Mind Foundry Platform empowers governments to create a future where AI and humans work together to solve the world’s most important problems.


Governments have uniquely demanding requirements for scalability, precision, reliability, compliance, and ethics. We understand the responsibility and sensitivity surrounding decisions that will roll out at the scale of populations.


Our technology is underpinned by three pillars that help to deliver AI that functions responsibly in the challenging context of the public sector.







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Our Pillars




First Principles Transparency

Built on a cornerstone of scientific principles and an understanding that you can’t add things like ethics and transparency after the fact.

Human AICollaboration

The fusion of experience design and quantitative methods that makes collaboration between humans and AI more intuitive, efficient and powerful.

Continuous Metalearning

The world is constantly evolving, your AI must adapt with it.

Mind Foundry AI solutions in Government and the Public Sector


Responsible AI  for government decision making


Targeted, data-driven decisions are key to delivering better outcomes to citizens, but neither humans nor AI can make the leap alone.


Explore our work with the Scottish Government →

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Introspective AI

Measuring performance against the things that count with AI that is introspective


It’s no longer enough to measure model accuracy. Ethics, explainability and wider performance are key KPIs that must be considered as equal priorities.


Keep your AI accountable with our intuitive user interface →

Powerful AI without the carbon footprint


AI energy usage and the wider impact of AI decisions is rapidly becoming a problem. Mind Foundry is developing technology and working with governments to meet their net zero emission goals. 


Explore our green AI solutions →

Green AI
Electric car roll-out with AI

Removing the biggest obstacles for electric vehicle roll-out


Demand for electric vehicles is higher than ever, but without appropriate support and planning from government, the infrastructure won’t be able to keep up. Mind Foundry is working with governments to develop the infrastructure that will power society's transition away from fossil fuels.


See how we're using Geospatial AI to distribute power more efficiently to over 350,000 charging points →



Mind Foundry, along with every initiative Innovate UK has supported through this fund, is an important step forward in driving sustainable economic development. Each one is also helping to realise the ambitions of hard-working people.


Dr Ian Campbell - Innovate UK Executive Chair


A Trusted Partner


When faced with outcomes at the scale of populations, governments are subjected to uniquely demanding requirements, for scaleability, precision, reliability, compliance and more. Mind Foundry is a trusted partner for building explainable AI solutions with demonstrable experience in provenance and decisioning technologies - working with key stakeholders to position AI with precision and unlock new efficiencies. Responsible by design, Mind Foundry’s AI is designed to be a reliable member of your team.

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Mind Foundry Platform


Distilling decades of Machine Learning Expertise into a powerful suite of applications, the Mind Foundry Platform delivers analytics, insight and actionable predictions out of the box on a range of problems. The flexible architecture allows us to build bespoke solutions rapidly, leveraging existing production code.

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Applied Machine Learning


No AI problem is the same. Mind Foundry’s team of Machine learning scientists and engineers are experienced in delivering bespoke solutions powered by the Mind Foundry platform, to perfectly match the unique problem requirement.

Learn more about the services offered by our Applied Machine Learning Lab.


Foundations of Machine Learning Certification


Grounded in our Oxford University heritage, we believe education is key to understanding and leveraging the full potential of AI. Mind Foundry offers a range of programs to educate and upskill individuals from a range of technical backgrounds to ensure they are best placed to collaborate on the design, use and maintenance of AI solutions.

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