AI for high-stakes applications.

Responsible, by design.

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Mind Foundry operates at the intersection of innovation, research and usability.


We empower organisations with AI built and deployed to tackle high-stakes, real-world problems at both individual and population scales.

  • An Oxford University company, founded by world-leading academics.

  • The Mind Foundry Platform facilitates designing, testing, and deploying responsible AI solutions.

  • Ensuring AI alignment with models that get better over time.

Creating a future where humans and AI work together to solve the world’s most important problems.

Mind Foundry was created to increase access to AI that can radically transform our world for good. Our technology has been used to solve problems when no other solution was available.

  • We perform calibrations of quantum computers 100 times faster than conventional approaches.

  • We can detect malaria vectors with smartphones and sound recordings of mosquitoes.

  • We send AI into outer space to spot changes on the Earth’s surface.

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Industry Impact

Our customers use the Mind Foundry Platform to solve problems in challenging environments such as insurance, infrastructure, and defence and security. When risk and complexity are high, organisations rely on Mind Foundry to deliver responsible AI solutions that truly perform. 

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The safety net of society.

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 Assurance for the built environment.

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Defence & National Security

UK sovereign AI. Designed for deployment.

Born at the University of Oxford, built on scientific principle and real-world experience.


Mind Foundry was founded by pioneers in the field of AI and Machine Learning, Oxford Professors Stephen Roberts and Michael Osborne. Their contributions in areas such as signal processing, Bayesian inference, Bayesian optimisation, and probabilistic numerics have gone as far as defining the field itself.

Today, Mind Foundry is a relentless team of visionaries. We come from all walks of life and are unified by a passion to be responsible makers of AI as it shapes our world for decades to come. 

  • Founded on three decades of groundbreaking research.
  • UK company with headquarters in Oxford.
  • Change-makers, innovators, engineers, designers, and scientists.

Mind Foundry AI is responsible, by design. Our Three Pillars shape our technologies and power everything we do.


First Principles Transparency

Our models are scientifically principled and trustworthy. They assess and relay their certainty while providing a fundamental understanding of how a system works and how decisions are made.

Human - AI Collaboration

Our solutions leverage and orchestrate the unique strengths of human and machine intelligence so we can work together intuitively and collaboratively. Together, we achieve more than we ever could alone.

Continuous Metalearning

Our AI has the agency to optimise its own learning process and adapt to changes in the real world. It offers protection from the risks associated with misaligned AI, and gets better over time.

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