AI for high-stakes applications.  Responsible, by design.



Mind Foundry operates at the intersection of innovation, research and usability. We empower teams with artificial intelligence products that are built for the most demanding needs.


Founded by world-leading academics, Mind Foundry develops AI solutions that help organisations in the public and private sectors tackle high-stakes problems, focusing on human outcomes and the long-term impact of AI interventions.

The Mind Foundry Platform empowers AI design, testing and deployment and enables stakeholders to manage their AI investment responsibly with a key focus on performance, efficiency and ethical impact.


Our technology is responsible by design, and underpinned by three pillars:


First Principles Transparency

Built on a cornerstone of scientific principles and an understanding that you can’t add things like ethics and transparency after the fact.

Human - AI Collaboration

The fusion of experience design and quantitative methods that makes collaboration between humans and AI more intuitive, efficient and powerful.

Continuous Metalearning

The world is constantly evolving, your AI must adapt with it.

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Our Values

Creating a future where AI and humans work together to solve the world's most important problems.


Mind Foundry is an artificial intelligence company operating at the intersection of research, innovation, and usability to empower teams with AI that is built for humans.

We have developed a Collaborative AI platform that is trusted by experts, yet easy enough to be used by anyone in your organisation.

Our customers apply machine learning to solve real-world problems across every sector including financial services, life sciences, and engineering.

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Incredible technology

Technology You Can Trust

Our AI solutions are powered by 30+ years of research from some of the greatest minds in AI and Machine Learning.

Powerful AI platform

Collaborative AI

Our AI platform helps you make better decisions and gain insights that can be used to power digital transformations at every level.

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Commitment to Innovation

We work with companies, universities and governments on unique engagements that further the field of Machine Learning.

Creating a future where humans and AI work together to solve the world's most important problems.


Mind Foundry was created to increase access to AI that can radically transform our world for good.


Our technology has been used to solve problems when no other solution was available. We’ve calibrated qubits in a quantum computer. We’ve created models that can tell you if a mosquito buzzing by your phone is a carrier for malaria. We’ve built workflows that monitor complex inflight propulsion systems.


Today, our customers use it for everything from detecting fraud costing businesses millions of dollars to collaborative intelligence processing, empowering teams to make the ethical decisions they care about and help to transform society for the better. 


These technologies are accessible to everyone through the Mind Foundry Platform.

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Our Work

A team of visionaries


With over three decades of groundbreaking research behind them, Professors Steve Roberts and Michael Osborne are globally recognised as luminaries in the field of AI and Machine Learning. Their contributions to areas such as signal processing, Bayesian inference, Bayesian optimisation, and probabilistic numerics have gone as far as defining the field itself. 


Together, they created Mind Foundry, a place that brings together the world’s best scientists, engineers, design-thinkers and more to tackle the most challenging problems across numerous industries.


We’re an international team from all walks of life, unified in our desire to be innovators, changemakers and helpful stewards of AI as it begins to shape our world for years to come.


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Mike Osborne and Steve Roberts

First Principles Transparency

Insurance is a highly regulated market, and as such, your decisions must be interpretable and justifiable. Your customers deserve to understand your decision process, and they will thank you for it. Let us transform your business with a fully transparent AI system that speaks your language.

Human AI Collaboration

Your domain expertise is vital, and without it we won’t solve your problems. Our AI engine works alongside your pricing managers, claim handlers, underwriting operatives and their teams to scale their performance and deliver immense time and cost savings.

Continuous Meta-learning

Your competitors are after the same customers as you. Maybe your existing models are outdated and difficult to replace. Mind Foundry's Platform continuously learns from data, detecting drift and reacting to market changes as needed. You’ll never need to replace a model again.

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