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Theory meets practice in a learning platform to equip humans with the skills to effectively engage with AI in the real world.


Laying a foundation for the responsible use of AI

Creating Responsible AI goes hand in hand with knowing how to use it. But as AI capability increases at machine speed, a gap is widening between current and required human capability. With the Academy’s industry-specific courses, you and your team can close this gap and gain the practical knowledge to become and remain effective collaborators with AI.




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Make everyone in your organisation data literate


We live in a data-driven world, and companies must adapt by educating and investing in their workforce. Our courses work best when offered to entire departments. This encourages collaboration between colleagues to jump-start a department-wide digital transformation. Once enrolled to any of our courses, you can expect many other benefits throughout the year, including:

MF Platform




Full access and training with the Mind Foundry Platform.

Machine Learning Industries




Machine Learning course that focuses on specific industries.

Guest Speakers




Guest lectures and public speakers.




Dedicated forum.

Live Workshops

Live workshops.




Dedicated tutor.

Multiple Courses to Choose From

The world is complex and resists one-size-fits-all solutions.

The Academy offers a customised learning tracks to help teams make sense of the most valuable applications of AI, no matter the industry.


Receive and Share Your Certificate


Pass the course and share the news with your network. Our certificates make it easy to add your new credentials to LinkedIn or display next to your favourite house plants. 

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