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Great things have small beginnings. Machine learning (ML) is a powerful technology with the potential to change the world and positively impact many lives.

Understanding the core concepts is the first step towards a global digital transformation that begins with you. The Foundations of Machine Learning course provides a complete path to unlocking that knowledge, launching you towards something extraordinary.


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Foundations of Machine Learning Syllabus

Who is it for?


​​We live in a data-driven world, and companies must adapt by educating and investing in their workforce. This course works best when offered to entire departments who want to encourage collaboration between colleagues and jump-start a department-wide digital transformation. 

The course is designed for the aspiring practitioner who wants to learn more about AI and how to apply it to real world problems. No previous knowledge of machine learning techniques required.


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Who is it for?

What are the benefits of the course?


Enhance your problem-solving skills with machine learning techniques and apply them to your industry problems.

Learn how to think about and solve real-world problems ethically and effectively. Understand the important benefits of using AI responsibly in your industry.

Master Mind Foundry’s powerful machine learning platform and learn how to use it in real-life scenarios.

Upskill your entire organisation with a solid understanding of machine learning techniques so you can lead a digital transformation within your industry.


Speech Marks

"Mind Foundry’s Foundation of Machine Learning course provided a great introduction to Machine Learning and AI. It covered a very wide range of ML topics but with the flexibility to tailor sessions to what is most relevant for the team, with practical sessions providing great opportunities to apply learnings to solve the real data challenges. Having experts in the field as instructors and guest speakers meant that we got to hear about the latest developments in the field, which continues to evolve. I would highly recommend this course to those looking to enhance their data analytic skills and start applying them to real problems.”


Nika Lee
Chief Underwriting Officer

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We can't make the world a better place by ourselves, but we can share our knowledge and experience with each other. Applying AI responsibly and ethically to solve our biggest problems is crucial in building the foundations of a brighter future. This course will teach you everything you need to know to contribute to that foundation."
Davide Zilli
Dr. Davide Zilli

VP Applied Machine Learning
Course Lead



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