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Dr. Davide Zilli

Dr. Davide Zilli

Dr. Davide Zilli runs Mind Foundry’s Applied Machine Learning Lab where he develops AI and software to deliver solutions that drive tangible value to businesses around the globe. His passion is in ML applied to the conservation of the natural world and improving human livelihood and wellbeing by fighting diseases and social injustice. He’s also extremely mediocre at ping pong.

Recent posts by Dr. Davide Zilli

6 min read

World Mosquito Day: Fighting Malaria with Machine Learning

By Dr. Davide Zilli on Aug 20, 2021 4:18:03 PM

August 20th is World Mosquito Day. A day to raise awareness about the diseases carried by mosquitoes and highlight the scientific innovations that are emerging to help us reduce the suffering caused by the world’s second most deadly animal. 

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3 min read

The future of AI in Health & Safety Is Now

By Dr. Davide Zilli on Feb 25, 2021 10:05:46 AM

Though the world is rapidly evolving with advances in AI and other technologies, the H&S sector is playing catch-up. It is relatively under-digitised, less connected, and has sometimes been slow to embrace meaningful digital transformation. It’s a highly competitive industry, on the cusp of a revolution driven by wide scale adoption of AI. 

Innovative stakeholders are finding new ways to use AI throughout their workflows right through to the job site. The most meaningful examples are the ones that improve human outcomes while making proper considerations for ethics and responsibility.

Topics: White Paper NLP 3 Pillars Health and Safety Important Problems Human • AI Collaboration construction
1 min read

Keeping Machine Learning Algorithms Humble and Honest

By Dr. Davide Zilli on Mar 3, 2020 11:26:47 AM

Today in so many industries, from manufacturing and life sciences to financial services and retail, we rely on algorithms to conduct large-scale machine learning analyses.

They are hugely useful for problem-solving and beneficial for augmenting human expertise within an organization. But they are now under the spotlight for many reasons – and regulation is on the horizon. Gartner projects that four of the G7 countries will establish dedicated associations to oversee artificial intelligence and ML design by 2023.

Topics: First Principles Transparency 3 Pillars Ethical AI
3 min read

5 Reasons Why You Can Better Understand Your Data with AI

By Dr. Davide Zilli on Jul 17, 2019 2:25:00 PM

Many organizations still watch from the sidelines as competitors transform their understanding of data with AI. Why is this? 

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