Mind Foundry Core

A suite of tools, applications, and APIs to help you build and explore AI responsibly.








A platform for building and benchmarking responsible AI models.

Mind Foundry Core is a powerful platform that brings the expertise of humans and the power of Machine Learning together in a unified space to build trust and collaboration between humans and AI.

  • Intuitive user interfaces for rapid exploration of data 

  • Easy-to-build data and Machine Learning pipelines

  • Robust testing and deployment framework 

  • ​Deeper customisation, integration and analytics




Combine your expertise and data in a powerful and easy-to-use AI platform.





Explore your data and gather valuable new insights from hidden patterns.



Own your own IP by building and optimising your own custom models.

Build and own your own models

Create, use, and publish different types of ML models in an easy to use interface.  Use pipelines to  build models for classification, regression, forecasting and clustering. Model health scores  ensure your model has extracted statistically significant performance.

  • End-to-end model building and assessment

  • Explainable AI

  • Deployment with online API, documentation and tutorials

Build your own model


Optimise for your unique requirements


Optimise for your unique requirements

The Core’s Bayesian Optimiser can automatically, intelligently, and efficiently search a space of parameter configurations for the best solution to any given problem. 

  • Balance exploration and exploitation in any process, with little or no understanding of optimisation methods

  • Automate the selection of the relevant algorithms for the problem at hand

  • Integrate domain knowledge via prior mean

  • Improve model performance with hyperparameter tuning


Discover insights

Discover and explore hidden patterns in your data

Mind Foundry Core’s self-serve machine learning platform lets you see and understand your data through the lens of Machine Learning.

Utilize a suite of tools to help you import, amend, and develop your data in preparation for Machine Learning. Follow guided suggestions to perform additional data prep that will improve overall performance.

  • Tools, applications, and API

  • Supervised and unsupervised machine learning operations

  • Data import advisor

How it works

Mind Foundry Core spans the pre-production and production lifecycle of a model and ensures models are built responsibly to enable explainability and continuous metalearning.

Part of the Mind Foundry Platform.

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Key Verticals


Our customers use the Mind Foundry Platform to solve problems in insurancegovernment and infrastructure, and defence and security.  Our work focuses on the responsible use of AI in high-stakes applications where decisions affect the lives of individuals or are made at the scale of populations.


"We get excited when we see the results of our models in production, but it doesn't stop there. The models need to continue to be trained, enhanced and tested to ensure they’re not biased, and that they continue to predict with the level of accuracy that we expect. Continuous Metalearning is really critical for any business and for anyone using AI and machine learning."


Nika Lee
Chief Underwriting Officer


Learn how Aioi Nissay Dowa Europe are utilising the power of Continuous Metalearning to combat fraud - Read the case study.

Why do you need the Mind Foundry Platform?


Unlike most off-the-shelf solutions, the Mind Foundry Platform helps you build a  customised solution specific to your unique requirements.  This allows you to protect your own IP so you can gain and maintain a competitive edge in your industry.

Creating a future where AI and humans work together to solve the world's most important problems.


Mind Foundry is an artificial intelligence company operating at the intersection of research, innovation, and usability to empower teams with AI that is built for humans.

We have developed a Collaborative AI platform that is trusted by experts, yet easy enough to be used by anyone in your organisation.

Our customers apply machine learning to solve real-world problems across every sector including financial services, life sciences, and engineering.

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Incredible technology

Technology You Can Trust

Our AI solutions are powered by 30+ years of research from some of the greatest minds in AI and Machine Learning.

Powerful AI platform

Collaborative AI

Our AI platform helps you make better decisions and gain insights that can be used to power digital transformations at every level.

Commitment to Innovation-1

Commitment to Innovation

We work with companies, universities and governments on unique engagements that further the field of Machine Learning.

First Principles Transparency

Insurance is a highly regulated market, and as such, your decisions must be interpretable and justifiable. Your customers deserve to understand your decision process, and they will thank you for it. Let us transform your business with a fully transparent AI system that speaks your language.

Human AI Collaboration

Your domain expertise is vital, and without it we won’t solve your problems. Our AI engine works alongside your pricing managers, claim handlers, underwriting operatives and their teams to scale their performance and deliver immense time and cost savings.

Continuous Meta-learning

Your competitors are after the same customers as you. Maybe your existing models are outdated and difficult to replace. Mind Foundry's Platform continuously learns from data, detecting drift and reacting to market changes as needed. You’ll never need to replace a model again.

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