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Designed to augment the way you work


You are in control.

Mind Foundry assists you by suggesting additional updates for you to consider, enabling you to impart your domain knowledge and attain maximum performance.


Discover insights from your data.

Explore your data visually, gain insights faster and uncover new ideas or questions for further investigation.

Machine learning… for machine learning.

The model building process explores an expansive library of options, selects the best one and tunes it to optimise its predictive power. Machine learning squared.


Interact and publish your outputs.

Put your model to work by performing interactive, bulk predictions in the interface or publish your model as a web service at the press of a button.


Full transparency and embedded education.

Explore the details behind your models to learn the intricacies of how they work and gain confidence in them before they are put to use.


No additional tools needed.

Everything in one place means reliable, reproducible, hassle-free data processing.  No need to pay for or use additional data preparation technologies. Mind Foundry offers everything you need in a single platform.

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A simple but powerful workflow



multiple datasets from Excel files or connect to a range of database and other remote sources



solutions with an automated optimization process covering a range of supervised and unsupervised modeling scenarios


using bulk data immediately within the product or through automatically deployed APIs



your data set with a range of visualizations, interactive data preparation and a pro-active advisor



performance with our model explorer including a range performance metrics, model health, feature importance and impact assessment visualizations



your solutions within the product on new and unseen data

Leverage Mind Foundry to improve your business

A platform that  business users leverage to solve          a wide range of business problems:

Customer churn

Identifying customers that are likely to churn from your customer base is a primary business function for any service provider. Mind Foundry can help you leverage customer records, demographic data or any other data you have about customer interactions with your company to identify customers that are likely to churn in the near future.

Lifetime costs for an insurance company

Imagine you are a car insurance company. Rather than rely on actuaries to produce a single statistical model for all the company's clients, Mind Foundry can help you predict the total lifetime cost associated with insuring any particular driver using the data gathered about their individual driving styles and experience recorded in their car.

Credit card spending patterns

You may wish to understand how clients are using your credit cards. Mind Foundry can help you extract the dominant behaviours that are typical in your client base using credit card transaction histories. This information could be used, for example, to formulate offers or packages to target towards your client base, and encourage spending.

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