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The advent of Big Data is decades old. The citadels built atop its resources have redefined the landscape, shifting the power balance away from governments and more into the grey area between the public and private sectors.


Nowhere else is the need for Responsible AI more acutely felt than in the high-stakes problems encountered every day in Defence and Security. The protection, well-being, and values of the population must never be undermined when building models and technologies that could affect the lives of any citizen.

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First Principles Transparency

From first principles, our models are developed to be understood.  We go beyond surface-level explanations to provide a fundamental understanding of how a system truly operates.

Human AI -Collaboration

The future of artificial intelligence is the orchestration of multi-agent systems where humans and synthetic intelligence work together to solve the most important problems. 

Continuous Metalearning

The world is constantly evolving, your AI must adapt with it. Metalearning allows our systems to utilise their own agency to optimise the learning process and adapt to changes in the real world.  

Responsible AI for Defence and Security


Making sense of sonar


Significant investment in sonar hardware has led to increasing numbers of higher fidelity data streams. However, the increased range and sensitivity of these sensors can only be realised if operators can efficiently get insight from the raw data. Mind Foundry augments traditional sonar processing approaches with AI to increase system flexibility. This expedites the identification of signals of interest, and ensures potential contacts are handled swiftly and effectively, no matter the deployment mode.

Sonar (1) 2-1
Sensor Fusion

A More Complete Picture


From radar to satellite imagery to communications and cyber, increased sensor availability and fidelity has led to a massive untapped opportunity to inform operators to a level that has never been seen before. Mind Foundry’s sensor fusion and complex signal processing engine combines cutting edge AI with traditional tried and tested signal processing techniques, to provide the intuitive answers that operators across the spectrum need to target their focus and rapidly make informed decisions.



Edge Processing in Extreme Conditions


Mind Foundry’s fundamental capabilities in cutting edge algorithmic techniques allow us to design new neural network architectures for processing images directly on a satellite with limited power, compute and memory capabilities, as well as enabling in situ updates based on learnings. Processing at the edge reduces bandwidth of data transfer, and increases the timeliness of detection of objects and areas of interest, even in the most remote settings.

This includes the launch of an ultra low-power image segmentation model that performs in-orbit data processing to detect changes in earth’s forests and oceans. This data improves our ability to make timely, informed solutions to address critical global priorities, like combatting climate change, preventing disasters, and improving emergency response.

Explore our work with Palantir and Satellogic →


Edge Processing in Extreme Conditions
Organisational Intelligence

Organisational Intelligence


Organisational intelligence is challenging to achieve and goes far beyond simply adding AI capabilities to your toolbox or hiring a team of data analysts and hoping for the best. This is not so much about learning how to harness AI as a tameable beast but more about how to bring it into your team as a trusted and responsible member. At Mind Foundry, we open the door to Organisational Intelligence through an unwavering commitment to continuous organisational learning that enables both human and synthetic agents to learn and improve as they collaborate toward the shared goals of a modern organisation.


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Responsible AI-Powered Intelligence Management


Police intelligence volumes are doubling in size every two years as data in the form of internet activity, mobile phone information and other digital footprints relevant to investigations rapidly increases in scale. Mind Foundry’s Platform for Intelligence Management helps
modern police forces turn this additional data into an opportunity to expedite and improve intelligence processing with AI.


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Responsible AI for Police



Mind Foundry Mission Statement


A Trusted Partner


When faced with outcomes at the scale of populations, governments are subjected to uniquely demanding requirements, for scaleability, precision, reliability, compliance and more.

Mind Foundry is a trusted partner for building Responsible AI solutions with demonstrable experience in provenance and decisioning technologies - working with key stakeholders to position AI with precision and unlock new efficiencies. Responsible by design, Mind Foundry’s AI is designed to be a trusted member of your team.



A Trusted Partner








Mind Foundry Platform


Distilling decades of Machine Learning Expertise into a powerful suite of applications, the Mind Foundry Platform delivers analytics, insight and actionable predictions out of the box on a range of problems. The flexible architecture allows us to build custom solutions rapidly, leveraging existing production code.

Learn more.


Applied Machine Learning


No AI problem is the same. Mind Foundry’s team of Machine Learning scientists and engineers are experienced in delivering custom solutions powered by the Mind Foundry Platform, to perfectly match the unique problem requirement.

Learn more about the services offered by our Applied Machine Learning Lab.

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Foundations of Machine Learning Certification


Grounded in our Oxford University heritage, we believe education is key to understanding and leveraging the full potential of AI. Mind Foundry offers a range of programs to educate and upskill individuals from a range of technical backgrounds to ensure they are best placed to collaborate on the design, use and maintenance of AI solutions.

Explore the courses offered in Mind Foundry Academy.

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