Remove the biggest obstacles for electric vehicle roll-out

Using AI to distribute power more efficiently with 40,000 perfectly placed charging points.




By 2030, the number of electric vehicles in the UK will be above 10 million and require 40 thousand charging points at a cost of approximately £2.2 billion in infrastructure.

Building and maintaining these charge points to balance short and long term demand in the face of uncertainty and changing legislation is a challenging task, but one that is critical to ensure smooth adoption of electric vehicles and keep costs to a minimum.


Optimisation of EV Infrastructure-video





Mind Foundry is combining geospatial modelling techniques with multivariate data sources and advanced uncertainty aware forecasting to intelligently model and predict the changing requirements for Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure. The Mind Foundry Platform is positioned to provide key optimisations in the workflows of planners, charge point operators and energy providers, allowing disparate departments to communicate and collaborate with AI at a more fundamental level than previously possible.
Iterative workflows powered by scalable gaussian processes, connected to live and historic data sources provide next level granularity, scenario modelling and rollout planning capabilities that can be sensitive not just to immediate demand, but long term strategy, local constraints, individual needs and more. The system has natural extensions to dynamic load monitoring and management, enabling smart localised resource allocation and energy production to smooth overloading peaks.




easy-to-use analysis tool for modelling, prediction and planning, providing quantifiably justified decisions and strategies.


Balance profit

along with immediate and long term demand, and local constraints.



national and localised demand profiles for capacity and mitigation work.


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