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Frankie Garcia

Frankie Garcia

Frankie Garcia is a Product Manager at Mind Foundry, where she specialises in deploying AI in high-impact situations where human • AI collaboration and ethics are imperative. Her focus includes continuous metalearning: a machine learning model governance capability to manage model risk post-deployment while enabling deployed models to learn continually. Frankie’s background in AI policy, philosophy, and user research shaped her passion for responsible AI and desire to create human-centred machine learning.

Recent posts by Frankie Garcia

7 min read

How Do Machines Learn? Meta-learning As an Approach

By Frankie Garcia on Sep 21, 2023 12:23:45 PM

In the previous two blogs in the series, we addressed what makes machine learning models trustworthy and how machine learning models fail. This blog is focused on how machines learn and one particular approach called meta-learning, which enables machine learning models to improve over time such that they can generalise to perform related but distinct tasks. We will look at how humans learn compared to machine learning, what meta-learning is, and how meta-learning can be done responsibly.

Topics: 3 Pillars Explainable AI Continuous Metalearning
6 min read

How Machine Learning Models Fail

By Frankie Garcia on Jun 15, 2023 2:19:56 PM

In our first blog in this four-part series, we discussed how Machine Learning (ML) models might be considered ‘trustworthy’, and we emphasised challenges in bias and fairness, the need for explainability & interpretability, and types of data drift.

This blog will focus on how ML models fail, the value of model observability, monitoring and governance, and most importantly, how we can prevent model failure.

Topics: 3 Pillars Explainable AI Continuous Metalearning
11 min read

What makes a machine learning model ‘trustworthy’?

By Frankie Garcia on May 18, 2023 11:50:12 AM

Last year, Mind Foundry worked closely with Professor Brent Mittelstadt (of the Oxford Internet Institute) to get a deeper understanding of the law, policy, and standards in development surrounding machine learning. The output of this work was an in-depth research paper highlighting the key aspects of machine learning governance. This 4-part blog series summarises some of the key points from that paper to give a flavour of the most pressing problems in AI governance and some of the solutions that Mind Foundry are developing to solve them. 

Topics: 3 Pillars Continuous Metalearning Responsible AI
2 min read

Mind Foundry named in ‘Ethical AI startup landscape’ by EAIGG

By Frankie Garcia on May 16, 2022 2:41:07 PM

Mind Foundry are thrilled to have been included in the ‘Ethical AI startup landscape’ research, mapped by researchers at the EAIGG (Ethical AI Governance Group), who have vetted nearly 150 companies working in Ethical AI across the globe. This important research by the EAIGG is being conducted to provide transparency on the ecosystem of companies working on ethical AI. 

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