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Developing technology which solves real-world problems for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Below we share real use cases of our countless AI innovations. These not only power customer solutions, but also inspire our product development.

Mining companies incur huge costs when machinery breaks unexpectedly

Our solution helps engineers optimise maintenance schedules by processing daily log data. Natural language processing, time-to-failure modelling and other machine learning methods result in data-driven recommendations more reliable than those derived from part manufacturers’ specifications.

Millions of pounds are being saved as we speak.

Data scientists often struggle to balance speed and performance

Our tool empirically estimates the time required for a model training process to run on a given data set - rather than spending resources and failing to achieve their desired results.

Data scientists can choose and schedule the fitting of promising model configurations which meet expectations. 

Customer service providers are under pressure to optimise human performance

Our simple and principled Bayesian pipeline combines latent semantic analysis models with dimensionality reduction to provide suggested responses to help call centre employees.

Not only did the pipeline improve throughput, it outperformed an in-house team of 30 data scientists attempting to apply a neural network to a problem which did not require such complexity.

Engine manufacturers struggle to pass data from fleet to ground

Our proprietary lossy compression technique retains only the information-rich, high-frequency sensor data required to accurately describe a model of the underlying data, enabling transmission over limited bandwidth channels.

This technique offers a 50% improvement over lossless compression and provides honest uncertainty bounds on the resulting decompression.

Instrument manufacturers need to detect corrupt data readings

Our solution combines time series specific feature engineering with a classification pipeline to create an automated diagnostic tool for screening the instrument's sample readings.

Whether corruption is caused by a sensor error or sample preparation issue, this solution gave more accurate results in minutes than their data science team had achieved in months.

Traders hope to create more robust and diversified portfolios

Our Bayesian Optimiser was augmented to perform exploration of pareto fronts.

This enabled the customer to perform multi-objective Bayesian Optimisation and generate trading strategies that maximised multiple and different metrics.

Universities need the tools to perform generative modelling

Our Bayesian Optimiser was given some minor additions in functionality.

As a result, it enabled researchers to successfully train their high-dimensional universal quantum circuit, with the paper due to be published in Science Advances.

Life Science companies spend billions avoiding the unintended reactions to medicines.

When patients suffer adverse drug reactions (ADRs), it can be both dangerous for the individual and costly to society.

Medical professionals are using our Machine Learning tools to augment their clinical advice with alternative data sets and Real-World Evidence.

We can help you use AI to deliver a solution that works

Some organizations can achieve these kinds of outcomes on their own. Many others need some support to successfully onboard and harness this emerging technology. Mind Foundry can provide services to match your team’s existing abilities and unique needs, ensuring you have everything you need to embrace AI solutions.

Workshops and consulting services facilitate two-way education, with our team of research scientists and software engineers learning from your domain experts. We understand your problem, draw from the latest advances and deliver a solution that works. At the same time, we deliver training that sheds light on the realm of possibilities offered by AI technologies within the context of your business.

Our customer success services provide the ongoing support you need to embed AI solutions into your organization in order to realise  tangible business benefits and value.

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