Al Bowman

Al Bowman is Mind Foundry’s Director of Government and Defence, where he works alongside our partners to deliver cutting-edge AI solutions. Al has over 25 years of experience in both AI and military operations, from working in organisations such as Dataminr and Deloitte and spending many years in the Armed Forces. Al possesses a wealth of technological and industry expertise to drive the delivery of our innovative AI solutions, helping enterprise organisations detect and manage risk.

Why AI isn't the Answer to Every Data Problem Title Image

5 min read

Why AI Isn’t the Answer to Every Data Problem

We have previously spoken about how AI is more than just an innovation opportunity, despite contrary prevailing wisdom. It can already solve real and complex problems in various challenging domains. But before work starts on implementation, it’s...


6 min read

Humans vs AI: The Trust Paradox

Why do we expect more from machines than we do from each other? We lean on machines for so much, yet when it comes to judging their performance, we seem to have a double standard. A human can fail, time and time again, and still be forgiven. But...


6 min read

Generative AI: The Illusion of a Shortcut

Generative AI has exploded into the public eye, with the conversation focusing on the opportunities and risks it presents. However, in the Defence sector, there are specific challenges and problems that this technology is simply not suited to solve.

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4 min read

AI in Defence: More than Just an Innovation Opportunity

Artificial Intelligence is already being used to solve problems in the Defence sector. But if AI is only seen as an opportunity to practice innovation, then the development of critical applications won’t progress fast enough.


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