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Our Mind Foundry Learning Hub is the go-to-destination for all data users, from novice to grandmaster, in their journey to discover more about the science behind data analysis, machine learning and AI.

We collaborate with the University of Oxford's Machine Learning Research Group to deliver cutting-edge educational material then ensure that it is accessible and easy to understand.


    Machine Learning 101


    Machine Learning in Finance Guide

    A guide to applying machine learning applications in the Financial Services Sector.

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    Machine Learning 101 Guide

    A beginner's guide to understanding the basics of machine learning and how to inject machine learning into your business.

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    Forecasting the Performance of a Basket of Stocks

    In order to beat a benchmark index or portfolio of a universe of stocks, it is necessary to identify a more ...
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    The Intuitions Behind Bayesian Optimization

    Why would you want to become a Bayesian Optimization expert you might ask yourself? If you are a citizen data ...
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    bayesian optimization

    Mind Foundry in 1 Minute (Video)

    See the Mind Foundry platform in action, in less than a minute. Walk through the clear, automated steps and start ...
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    email marketing

    Forecasting Earnings Surprises with Machine Learning

    The goal of this study is to see if the Earnings Per Share (EPS) estimates provided by IBES can be used to ...
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    Asking the Right Questions of Your Data: A Guide

    Access the unlimited potential of your data by asking the right questions with this step by step guide.
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    How to Recruit and Onboard Data Scientists

    Whether you already have a data science team which is struggling to meet demand, or if you are only planning to ...
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