The Mind Foundry Learning Hub

Our Mind Foundry Learning Hub is the go-to-destination for all data users, from novice to grandmaster, in their journey to discover more about the science behind data analysis, machine learning and AI.

We collaborate with the University of Oxford's Machine Learning Research Group to deliver cutting-edge educational material then ensure that it is accessible and easy to understand.

Machine Learning 101


Machine Learning in Finance Guide

A guide to applying machine learning applications in the Financial Services Sector.

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Machine Learning 101 Guide

A beginner's guide to understanding the basics of machine learning and how to inject machine learning into your business.

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Predicting Diabetes Using Machine Learning

Opportunistic screening for diabetes enabled by machine learning? The goal of this study is to better understand ...
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Framing Your Machine Learning Problem: A Guide

Maximize the predictive power of your data. Have you heard of the phrase garbage in, garbage out? Machine learning ...
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Achieving a Competitive Advantage with Machine Learning

Achieve competitive advantage in the machine learning age The business world is beginning to harness machine ...
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CXO Guide

Becoming a Citizen Data Scientist Webinar: On Demand

Webinar Description: Gartner defines the citizen data scientist (CDS) as “a person who creates or generates models ...
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The Augmented Enterprise, a Raconteur Report

This report details the secrets to safely navigating the pitfalls of disruptive tech, and the steps to ...
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Raconteur Report Social Card

An Automated Data Science Platform for Business Users

Mind Foundry provides an automated data science platform that helps business users solve a wide range of business ...
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Mind Foundry in 1 Minute

See the Mind Foundry platform in action, in less than a minute. Walk through the clear, automated steps and start ...
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