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7 min read

How Do Machines Learn? Meta-learning As an Approach

By Frankie Garcia on Sep 21, 2023 12:23:45 PM

In the previous two blogs in the series, we addressed what makes machine learning models trustworthy and how machine learning models fail. This blog is focused on how machines learn and one particular approach called meta-learning, which enables machine learning models to improve over time such that they can generalise to perform related but distinct tasks. We will look at how humans learn compared to machine learning, what meta-learning is, and how meta-learning can be done responsibly.

Topics: 3 Pillars Explainable AI Continuous Metalearning
5 min read

5 Ways to Manage AI Responsibly in Insurance

By Selim Cavanagh on Sep 7, 2023 11:22:07 AM

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning has already brought transformative opportunities across the rapidly evolving landscape of the insurance industry. As data generation has surged and competition intensified, insurers have recognised AI’s game-changing potential as a tool for analysing expansive volumes of data with unprecedented speed and accuracy. With data generation occurring at such high velocity, insurers turned to AI as a series of experiments to make sense of this complexity and respond to the ever-increasing external shocks in the insurance market. But with expanded adoption comes a swathe of new and pressing concerns, and with AI advancements showing no signs of slowing, the insurance industry needs to consider the technological solutions that will tackle both the problems of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

Topics: Insurance Explainable AI Continuous Metalearning
6 min read

Explaining the Origins of AI

By Mind Foundry on Aug 29, 2023 1:39:54 PM

AI is everywhere. It has rapidly become an integral part of how we organise our lives, go about our jobs, and get from place to place. And yet, in our discussions with customers, we often encounter a wide range of misconceptions about what AI actually is. In this article, we aim to shed some light on what this technology is and how it works, but also on where AI began, who the pioneers were that paved the way, and where all of this is heading.

Topics: AI Human • AI Collaboration High-stakes AI
6 min read

Understanding Risk in Insurance: From Cognitive Decline to Large Loss Accidents

By Nick Sherman on Aug 11, 2023 2:31:03 PM

At the beginning of 2023, we announced the launch of the Aioi R&D Lab - Oxford, a joint venture between Mind Foundry and our partners Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance (ANDI) and Aioi Nissay Dowa Europe (AND-E). One of the projects the Lab is currently working on is to solve a problem affecting countries with ageing populations, like Japan and the United Kingdom. 

Topics: Human • AI Collaboration Explainable AI High-stakes AI
10 min read

Academia to Industry: Going from Theory to Practice

By Mind Foundry on Jul 25, 2023 11:33:25 AM

Taking the leap from the world of academia to pursue a career within industry can be a daunting proposition. After years spent studying and gaining skills in a very focused area, going out into the world and applying that knowledge to a broad range of applications has a unique set of challenges. We interviewed members of the Mind Foundry, Google and Oxa teams, to understand their experience of making the leap from academia to industry, sharing their motivations, challenges, and the advice they would give to those making or considering a similar move.

Topics: Active Learning Careers
7 min read

Insurance Data: The Challenge of Successful AI Adoption

By Selim Cavanagh on Jul 13, 2023 11:21:34 AM

It’s hardly a secret that data is the lifeblood of the insurance sector. Some experts predict there will be over 30 billion connected devices worldwide by 2025, and the resulting explosion of data, coupled with huge leaps forward in the capabilities of AI and machine learning, has already begun having an effect on the insurance industry. 

We have seen Lemonade process a claim in only 2 seconds, and companies like Roots Automation exploring the use of Generative AI to improve customer service. But despite these advancements, many insurers still need to improve the bottom line as they experience a deceleration in the release of prior-year loss reserves and watch underwriting performances deteriorate in a post-Covid world. Access to data and the availability of new technology are not the issues, so why are so many insurers fundamentally failing to leverage new technology to tap into the potential of their data?

Topics: AI Insurance Continuous Metalearning
7 min read

Humans vs AI: The Trust Paradox

By Al Bowman on Jun 29, 2023 10:23:58 AM

Why do we expect more from machines than we do from each other? We lean on machines for so much, yet when it comes to judging their performance, we seem to have a double standard. A human can fail, time and time again, and still be forgiven. But it’s not enough for a machine to consistently outperform a human - it has to be nearly flawless. Why is this? And is this the right approach?

Topics: First Principles Transparency Explainable AI Responsible AI
6 min read

How Machine Learning Models Fail

By Frankie Garcia on Jun 15, 2023 2:19:56 PM

In our first blog in this four-part series, we discussed how Machine Learning (ML) models might be considered ‘trustworthy’, and we emphasised challenges in bias and fairness, the need for explainability & interpretability, and types of data drift.

This blog will focus on how ML models fail, the value of model observability, monitoring and governance, and most importantly, how we can prevent model failure.

Topics: 3 Pillars Explainable AI Continuous Metalearning
7 min read

Insurance and Generative AI: Seeing Past the Headlines

By Selim Cavanagh on Jun 1, 2023 12:13:44 PM

Generative AI (GAI) has been firmly at the centre of discussion ever since it was popularised by the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022. Although the insurance sector, with its focus on cost, has generally reacted with interest and excitement to the advent of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), there are limitations to the technology that represent significant obstacles to industry-wide adoption.  

Topics: Insurance High-stakes AI Responsible AI Generative AI
11 min read

What makes a machine learning model ‘trustworthy’?

By Frankie Garcia on May 18, 2023 11:50:12 AM

Last year, Mind Foundry worked closely with Professor Brent Mittelstadt (of the Oxford Internet Institute) to get a deeper understanding of the law, policy, and standards in development surrounding machine learning. The output of this work was an in-depth research paper highlighting the key aspects of machine learning governance. This 4-part blog series summarises some of the key points from that paper to give a flavour of the most pressing problems in AI governance and some of the solutions that Mind Foundry are developing to solve them. 

Topics: 3 Pillars Continuous Metalearning Responsible AI
7 min read

Generative AI: The Illusion of a Shortcut

By Al Bowman on Apr 27, 2023 10:57:26 AM

Generative AI has exploded into the public eye, with the conversation focusing on the opportunities and risks it presents. However, in the Defence sector, there are specific challenges and problems that this technology is simply not suited to solve.

Topics: High-stakes AI Responsible AI Defence & Security Generative AI
5 min read

Explaining AI Explainability

By Nick Sherman on Apr 14, 2023 11:11:05 AM

There’s been a lot of talk about the development of large language models (LLMs) recently, with the loudest voices split between those who think it poses a significant risk to humanity, to those who believe it could be the crowning achievement of all humankind. Between those two extremes are numerous reasons for optimism and many valid concerns about AI safety and how to use LLMs responsibly across many different sectors. Much of this hinges on ‘transparency’, ‘interpretability’, and ‘explainability’.

We interviewed Professor Steve Roberts, Co-founder at Mind Foundry and Professor at the University of Oxford, and invited him to share with us how he explains the meanings of these three terms to his students.

Topics: 3 Pillars Explainable AI Generative AI
9 min read

All you need to know about the Aioi R&D Lab - Oxford

By Nick Sherman on Mar 31, 2023 1:00:00 PM

In February 2023, we announced the launch of the Aioi R&D Lab - Oxford, a joint venture between Mind Foundry and our partners Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance (ANDI) and Aioi Nissay Dowa Europe (AND-E).  This is the first of its kind research lab, so naturally you may be thinking… What is it exactly? In this article we’ll tell you all you need to know.

Topics: 3 Pillars Insurance High-stakes AI Responsible AI
6 min read

The Power to Do Good with AI

By Nick Sherman on Mar 16, 2023 11:02:32 AM

The past few months have shown us how quickly deep tech innovation, and especially advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), can be developed and adopted at great scale. New AI tools have emerged at breakneck speed, opening up a range of opportunities to positively impact problem-solving, decision-making, and efficiency. 

One of the most prolific to date, ChatGPT, has shown just how quickly advanced technology can arrive in the mainstream and capture the imaginations of experts and laypeople alike. This tool is just the latest step in a long and continuing line of advances in using AI to generate text. Its capabilities, which span everything from explaining quantum physics to writing poems, have sparked debates about the opportunities it could create and the impact it could have on the future of work.

Topics: High-stakes AI Responsible AI Generative AI
5 min read

AI for Defence: More than just an innovation opportunity

By Al Bowman on Mar 7, 2023 11:00:00 AM

Artificial Intelligence is already being used to solve problems in the Defence sector. But if AI is only seen as an opportunity to practice innovation, then the development of critical applications won’t progress fast enough.

Topics: High-stakes AI Defence & Security
7 min read

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

By Mind Foundry on Feb 13, 2023 10:44:31 AM

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science, supported by the UN, is a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge the inspirational contributions of women across the globe in science and technology, who continue to break down stereotypes and pioneer gender equality in a traditionally male-dominated industry. We have the chance to inspire and encourage girls and women of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to discover their potential within science and become leaders in an exciting and innovative field.

To celebrate this important day, we are proud to showcase some of the extraordinary women at Mind Foundry who are making significant contributions to science and technology as they share their journeys so far and the advice they would give to others. Including:

Poppy, a Lead Research Scientist at Mind Foundry, leading the Defence & Security delivery teams to develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

Hannah, the Chief of Staff to the CEO at Mind Foundry, where she interacts with all aspects of the business from partnership building, sales operations, marketing, and strategy, with an additional focus to drive alignment.

Alessandra, a Senior Research Scientist at Mind Foundry, with a PhD in probabilistic Machine Learning and on a mission to push the boundaries of AI by integrating software solutions and original research. 

Harriet, a Project Manager at Mind Foundry, where she is responsible for managing a portfolio of Machine Learning projects in the Insurance sector and Product Manager of The Mind Foundry Academy.

Topics: Careers Responsible AI
8 min read

How Mind Foundry’s Goals Framework Led to Outstanding Achievements

By Mind Foundry on Jan 30, 2023 2:28:00 PM

Change is hard. We're creatures of habit by nature, and despite our best efforts, we often struggle to avoid repeating entrenched behaviours that take up much of our time and energy. It’s altogether too easy to find yourself coasting along the same path with no signs of improvement on the horizon. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Setting clearly defined goals, ones with simple metrics to measure completion and success, is one of the most effective ways to break the cycle and set yourself on the path to change. This idea forms the bedrock of our goals process at Mind Foundry, where our amazing team of scientists, engineers, and designers work tirelessly every day to push the boundaries of human-AI collaboration. In doing so, they prove that our value is not just in the technology we create but in the people that create it. To that end, we wanted to share the stories of 3 members of our team and how they used our SMART Goals framework to take on some exciting and inspiring challenges outside of work.  

Topics: Careers
4 min read

Making AI explainable, manageable and justified in the UK public sector

By Mind Foundry on Oct 21, 2022 10:30:00 AM

Mind Foundry recently hosted 'Defining Ambitions: The Future of AI in Public Sector', an invaluable virtual learning exchange for the public sector. Delivered in partnership with GovNewsDirect, the session's objective was to explore the possibilities for AI innovation within public services. It is fair to say that many organisations are only just beginning to use AI and machine learning; although growing, the number of organisations that rely on it as a core part of their operations is still relatively small, but those that do are drastically outperforming their peers. So, what does the future of AI hold in public sector organisations?

Topics: public sector High-stakes AI Responsible AI
4 min read

Collaborating With Partners to Push Quantum Computing Forward

By Nathan Korda on Oct 6, 2022 12:49:20 PM

(This piece was originally published as a guest post for The Quantum Insider)

Topics: Quantum Computing High-stakes AI Signature Intelligence
7 min read

HumBug 2022: Detecting Mosquito Signatures with Machine Learning

By Alex Constantin on Sep 22, 2022 12:16:49 PM


Helping the fight against malaria

Mind Foundry co-Hosts HumBug 2022, as part of the ComparE challenge, bringing together the greatest minds to help solve one of the world’s most important problems. The goal of the project is to use low-cost smartphones to detect the characteristic acoustic signatures of mosquito flight tones, helping understand the presence of potential malaria vectors. The goal of the Mosquito sub-challenge at ComparE was to develop algorithms to detect mosquitoes within real-world acoustic field data.

Topics: Important Problems High-stakes AI Signature Intelligence
2 min read

Mind Foundry named in ‘Ethical AI startup landscape’ by EAIGG

By Frankie Garcia on May 16, 2022 2:41:07 PM

Mind Foundry are thrilled to have been included in the ‘Ethical AI startup landscape’ research, mapped by researchers at the EAIGG (Ethical AI Governance Group), who have vetted nearly 150 companies working in Ethical AI across the globe. This important research by the EAIGG is being conducted to provide transparency on the ecosystem of companies working on ethical AI. 

Topics: Ethical AI Explainable AI High-stakes AI
5 min read

Let's use AI responsibly to discover where to place EV charge points

By William Chapman on Apr 1, 2022 8:30:00 AM

Between 2006 and 2010, there were 1,096 registered electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK. Since 2010 that number has exploded, and today there are an estimated 400,000 EVs on UK roads, not to mention more than 750,000 plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). With new technology inevitably comes new obstacles and complications and as EV numbers continue to soar, the provision of charging points to keep up with demand across the country is essential. However, recent figures suggest a growing disparity between the number of EVs and the level of charge point infrastructure, as well as a “regional divide” within the distribution of this infrastructure. The situation calls for a different approach to how EV infrastructure is implemented to ensure that, as more people switch to EVs, everyone who needs to access a charging point can do so, regardless of any geographical or socio-economic factors. Mind Foundry’s work in this field aims to provide the solution to this growing problem at a time where the UK government has just committed £1.6 billion to expand the UK's charging network under their new Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy.

Topics: Ethical AI Explainable AI High-stakes AI
4 min read

AI for Rapid Automated Calibration of Quantum Devices

By Nathan Korda on Mar 24, 2022 9:47:36 AM

(A version of this piece was originally published in techUK as part of #QuantumWeek2021.)

Topics: Quantum Computing Explainable AI Continuous Metalearning
3 min read

Mind Foundry win CogX Explainable AI Award for 2022

By Nick Sherman on Mar 15, 2022 7:57:44 PM

We’re delighted to announce that we won a prestigious CogX award in the “Best Innovation in Explainable AI” category last night.

Topics: 3 Pillars Ethical AI Human • AI Collaboration
10 min read

71% haven't read the UK's Data Strategy. Here's what they missed.

By Mind Foundry on Mar 14, 2022 2:36:00 PM

In June 2019, the government launched a call for evidence on the proposed framework of a strategy around data usage in the UK, receiving over 100 responses. At the same time, the government undertook a programme of roundtables, workshops, and webinars, to ascertain the parameters, objectives, and evidence supporting what would become the National Data Strategy. 

Topics: Resources data 3 Pillars Responsible AI Government and Public Sector
5 min read

Performance that’s measured against the things that count

By Mind Foundry on Dec 30, 2021 9:00:00 AM

It’s no longer enough to measure model accuracy. Ethics, explainability, and wider performance are key KPIs that must be considered as equally crucial priorities.

Topics: Human • AI Collaboration Explainable AI High-stakes AI
6 min read

World Mosquito Day: Fighting Malaria with Machine Learning

By Dr. Davide Zilli on Aug 20, 2021 4:18:03 PM

August 20th is World Mosquito Day. A day to raise awareness about the diseases carried by mosquitoes and highlight the scientific innovations that are emerging to help us reduce the suffering caused by the world’s second most deadly animal. 

Topics: Human • AI Collaboration Explainable AI High-stakes AI
13 min read

Approaching Ethical AI Design: an insider’s perspective

By Mind Foundry on Aug 2, 2021 3:00:00 PM

I would be surprised to find anyone who works in the tech sector, especially if they’re working with data, who hasn’t seen a significant emphasis on ethical applications of AI, or “doing AI ethically” (even the Pope has got involved!). Conferences, research, blog posts, videos, thought-starters are all - quite rightly - honing in on arguably one of the most important considerations of the 21st century: how do we build AI to the benefit of humankind?

To some aspiring to answer this question, this might signify decades’ worth of research. To others, it’s millions of hours of person-time in algorithmic design or troubleshooting software. The responsibilities to getting this right extend beyond this to policy, regulation, education, investment… the list goes on.

But the list isn’t the only thing that goes on; as I’m writing this, thousands to millions of companies around the world are grappling with adopting AI right at this very moment. They don’t have decades or even years to play with… they need it now. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, there’s a race on to get the most out of AI adoption before it’s too late. Currently, in the UK alone there are over 1400 high-growth AI startups and scale-ups, and this doesn’t even count the vast swathes of commercial and public sector adopters outside of the AI industry. This is a real challenge.

So how can you do it ethically? Or responsibly? Or is that even technically possible right now? Let me answer by addressing some of the most common questions that we’re posed at Mind Foundry.

Topics: 3 Pillars Ethical AI High-stakes AI
3 min read

Women in Engineering

By Mind Foundry on Jun 22, 2021 9:19:00 AM

Though the numbers fluctuate slightly year to year, only about 10% of the engineering workforce in the UK are female.

Topics: Engineering Careers
4 min read

The AI adoption paradox: can cautious adoption reap maximal benefits?

By Mind Foundry on Jun 10, 2021 4:06:16 PM

In the race to adopt AI, there is a flurry of activity happening in boardrooms and technical teams across the country. AI, which even a few years ago seemed to be the preserve of a vanguard of highly innovative companies, has suddenly become a prerequisite for organisations in every sector. Perhaps the stern warning from McKinsey’s 2019 report is ringing in their ears, that “Front-runners [...] could increase economic value by about 120 per cent by 2030” whereas “Laggards, who adopt AI late or not at all, could lose about 20 per cent of cash flow”.

It appears easy, then, to stay ahead of the curve and reap the financial benefits you need to adopt AI. Yet, according to MITSloan 2020 AI Global Executive Study, it’s not quite that simple, and only 10% of companies are obtaining significant financial benefits from AI technologies. 

So, why is that the case?

Topics: Human • AI Collaboration Explainable AI High-stakes AI
5 min read

AI Model Training: Why Continuous Improvement Matters in High-Stakes Applications

By Alistair Garfoot on May 27, 2021 4:00:00 AM

As AI capabilities advance, and with the advent of widely available low-cost cloud computing, AI will inevitably be applied to wider problem sets with more immediate and wide-ranging real-world impacts, bringing with it higher problem complexity and increased risk. As problem complexity and risks grow, the assurance of AI performance data cleanliness naturally transitions from pre-deployment considerations, instead becoming continuously evolving requirements which must be monitored and iterated on throughout a model’s life.

Topics: Continuous Meta-Learning Human • AI Collaboration High-stakes AI
7 min read

Green AI: The Environmental Impact and Carbon Cost of Innovation

By Dr. Alessandra Tosi on Mar 15, 2021 9:34:10 AM

AI has the potential to help us tackle the problems associated with climate change and the warming of our Earth. The closer we get to the precipice, the greater the urgency. This has helped fuel tremendous growth in AI projects throughout government and the public sector, where AI is being used to make more accurate climate change predictions or to intelligently power the infrastructure that could support lower emissions on a global scale. 

Amidst all this enthusiasm, the one thing often being left out of the conversation is the carbon cost of these compute-intensive solutions. At best, the adoption of AI might be slowed down because people hadn't adequately considered the cost (financial or environmental) of the solution required. At worst, it could accelerate the warming of our planet. 

This is why it is so important to develop a Green AI technology: a technology that takes into account energy-efficiency as an important evaluation metric.

Topics: Continuous Meta-Learning Green AI High-stakes AI
14 min read

AI In Government: Considerations for Ethics and Responsibility

By Nick Sherman on Mar 10, 2021 5:05:17 PM

Decisions made by governments and other public sector organisations affect the lives of large numbers of people in profound ways every day. If considerations for ethics and responsibility are not made during the processes for designing, building, and implementing a solution with AI, unintended and unanticipated far-reaching consequences can be felt.

Topics: Explainable AI High-stakes AI Government and Public Sector
5 min read

Software engineering as decision making

By Nicolò Andronio on Jan 1, 2021 6:26:00 PM

As software engineers we are called to make decisions. I would go as far as saying that most of our work revolves around it. From naming to choosing technologies, from picking the most appropriate conventions to outlining the best team process. Decision making is thus so deeply and subtly rooted in our craft that we often forget about its implications. What I want to explore today is the ability to settle for the lower end of the spectrum, i.e. choosing the simplest option and why you should give it more than a fleeting thought.

Topics: Engineering Careers
3 min read

Tapping into the hidden potential of text data

By Mind Foundry on May 27, 2020 1:48:48 PM

Machine Learning has become more and more popular. It's become accessible to a wider variety of users. And it is getting better and better at handling data - whether big or small. However one thing remains true about the data used in analysis - it is, most of the time, structured. Regardless of whether the data is stored in Excel spreadsheets, relational databases or big data repositories, it is structured.  That is to say,  it comes in the form of columns and rows of numbers, categories or labels. 

Topics: Data preparation NLP Text Analysis
1 min read

Keeping Machine Learning Algorithms Humble and Honest

By Dr. Davide Zilli on Mar 3, 2020 11:26:47 AM

Today in so many industries, from manufacturing and life sciences to financial services and retail, we rely on algorithms to conduct large-scale machine learning analyses.

They are hugely useful for problem-solving and beneficial for augmenting human expertise within an organization. But they are now under the spotlight for many reasons – and regulation is on the horizon. Gartner projects that four of the G7 countries will establish dedicated associations to oversee artificial intelligence and ML design by 2023.

Topics: First Principles Transparency 3 Pillars Ethical AI
3 min read

5 Reasons Why You Can Better Understand Your Data with AI

By Dr. Davide Zilli on Jul 17, 2019 2:25:00 PM

Many organizations still watch from the sidelines as competitors transform their understanding of data with AI. Why is this? 

Topics: machine learning AI Explainable AI
2 min read

Augmenting the MSL with AI in Life Sciences

By Mind Foundry on Jul 2, 2019 8:00:00 AM

By engaging with the right medical experts as early as possible in a drug’s lifecycle, pharmaceutical companies can gain enduring competitive edge. However, despite medical affairs departments continually undergoing profound change and growth, studies show 50% of new drug launches fail to meet company expectations. Could embracing AI in life sciences help to tackle this trend?

Topics: life sciences AI
4 min read

How to Use Machine Learning to Forecast Adverse Drug Reactions

By Mind Foundry on Jun 28, 2019 9:54:48 AM

When patients suffer unintended reactions to medicines, it can be both dangerous for the individual and costly to society. However, what if medical professionals could use machine learning to forecast adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and minimise risks to patients?

Topics: Continuous Meta-Learning Explainable AI High-stakes AI
2 min read

The Layman's Guide to the Data Science Journey

By Mind Foundry on Jun 25, 2019 7:00:00 AM

For the past five years, data science has been praised as a technology that can unlock new applications and hidden insights for organisations. However, today it is struggling to live up to expectations.

Topics: machine learning Continuous Meta-Learning High-stakes AI
2 min read

The Value of Machine Learning in Clinical Trials

By Mind Foundry on Jun 17, 2019 11:11:29 AM

Clinical research data plays an essential role in the pharmaceutical industry, but can also eat up resources in terms of time and money. However, by utilising machine learning in clinical trials, efficiency can be drastically improved, enabling faster and more cost-effective drug development and better patient outcomes.

Topics: machine learning Human • AI Collaboration High-stakes AI
2 min read

What is Augmented Intelligence and Why Should You Embrace It?

By Mind Foundry on Jun 13, 2019 8:00:00 AM

The internet can seem full of scare stories and science fiction, but what is augmented intelligence really going to do to transform our lives in the near future?

Topics: Augmented AI Human • AI Collaboration High-stakes AI
2 min read

AI in Life Sciences: from faster faster drug development to more personalised medicine

By Mind Foundry on Jun 11, 2019 1:55:37 PM

When we consider the role of artificial intelligence in life sciences, it already has a proven track record as an effective tool to support pharmaceutical research. However, companies are also moving fast to explore the transformational impact it can have on their commercial operations, such as sales and marketing.

Topics: machine learning High-stakes AI Responsible AI
3 min read

What is Humanized Machine Learning and Why Should you Care?

By Mind Foundry on May 24, 2019 2:31:43 PM

While machine learning has been around for decades, it has swiftly become a major buzzword in recent years. Following in the footsteps of 'digital transformation', many businesses are struggling to comprehend the intrinsic value of machine learning and the ways in which it can be implemented successfully.

Topics: machine learning
5 min read

Bayesian Optimization can help Quantum Computing become a reality

By Dr. Alessandra Tosi on Jan 8, 2019 9:21:00 AM

Quantum computers have the potential to be exponentially faster than traditional computers, revolutionising the way we currently work. While we are still years away from general-purpose Quantum Computing, Bayesian Optimisation can help to stabilise quantum circuits for certain applications. This blog will summarise how Mind Foundry Optimise did just that.

Topics: Bayesian Continuous Meta-Learning High-stakes AI
3 min read

How active learning can train machine learning models with less data

By Dr. Alessandra Tosi on Oct 9, 2018 2:00:00 PM

Even with low cost widely available cloud computing, it can take significant time and compute power to train machine learning models on large data sets. This is expensive and is often at odds with the net-zero carbon goals of many organisations today. Throwing more data at a problem isn’t always the best answer, and by using AI that is responsible by design, we can reduce these problems while maintaining performance. Active learning is one of the methods we use at Mind Foundry to achieve this.

Topics: machine learning data science Continuous Meta-Learning
8 min read

Visualising Black Box Optimisation Problems in Machine Learning

By Dr. Alessandra Tosi on Oct 3, 2018 2:00:00 PM

Black box optimisation in machine learning is a pretty common scenario. More often than not, the process or model we are trying to optimise does not have an algebraic model that can be solved analytically.

Topics: Bayesian Explainable AI High-stakes AI
5 min read

Hyper-Parameter Tuning: What it is and why it’s natural

By Mind Foundry on Oct 1, 2018 1:59:00 PM

Hyper-parameter tuning can be observed in many everyday processes, but few people are aware of its existence. This blog aims to change that, and demonstrate its true value in data science.

Topics: machine learning data science Bayesian











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